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So, I missed the previous weeks (), but I am determined to do all the cards this week! Believe it!
Anyway... for this weeks Man Crush Monday, I choose none other than Akame ga Kill's very own Bulat!
I'll admit, I haven't gotten very far in this show because life (damn you, adulting! Crawl in a hole and die!), but even so, Bulat is the kind of character you fall in love with the second he appears on screen.
I mean, come on... how charismatic is this guy?
Not to mention forty-two kinds of badass ❤
I mean... what's not to love? ❤

lol, no shame in tardiness! nice pick!
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Lol, I love bulat he was so cool. But my num one is still leone lol.
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why do all the cool guys I like have pompadours
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@AnbuRose no wonder why I like dandy, Josuke, and Few others
a year ago