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Yey. Posting in Mia's view.
Mia’s View** Everyone was at the top now and all together, except we were all kind of separated. Keri, Yoongi and Jimin were together than there was Layla and Tae off to their own a But than again me and Kookie were  sitting off to the side by ourselves. Every once in awhile Jimin would come by, pat Kookie on the shoulder than subtly push Kookie towards me more. It got annoying after a while, kookie was the one to offer to go back down the hill with me since I was going to head out. It was nice of him to do. “It was fun” kooki said. His hands were in his pockets as he looked down at the ground. He looked so cute. Maybe Layla and Keri were right, I needed, I did like him and every time he acted adorable and goofy. I blew out a breath. “It was fun. Maybe we can do something like this again, without the whole group” I offered. Kooki looked up, a smile across his face. “Really? Really?” He sounded so excited. *well its hard to get time, but when we can. Well we can get together and . .,. Hang out” I stumbled over my words. Oh gosh I was bad at this, see this was why I didn't want to start anything with anyone. I sucked at talking. “A yes!” Kooki hadn't seen to notice as he fist pumped into the air and danced around in circles. After a moment he stopped and straightened himself out. “I mean,  yes, oh and here, just something that I forgot I was holding” he said handing me a box. Questionably I opened it up . . . . nothing was inside. I laughed. It was just a box. “An empty box?” I questioned looking at him. He looked shocked and took the bento box back . “What? There was supposed to be rice cakes in there” he said in disbelief. “Hobi” he growled which made me laugh. “How about we go get dessert now” I offered pointing to the car. “That sounds good” kooki was trying to play cool all of a sudden. “Get in kookie monster” I said beeping the car unlocked. I drove up here with Layla, so my car was here, along with a couple other Cars and a van. Just down the road was a little kiosk stand that sold sweet potato’s. I asked kooki if he wanted to try some and he nodded along. The lady handed us foil covered sweet potato’s and told us how they have butter and seasoning on them already. I leaned against the car’s trunk, kooki mimicking me, the first bite was amazing I couldn't help the moan. “You like it?” Kooki asked. “Yes” I hissed out softly. “It’s so yummy, warm and soft” I giggled. “I love sweet potatoes” I informed him. “Really?” he questioned. “ I like them during the winter, they warm my hands up” he commented making me laugh There was idle chit chat between us, kooki kept making me laugh every few lines and it put a smile on his face. I was realizing how much we had in common and were alike, he even had his own crazy schedule. After setting a date for the following week I drove him back to the camp parking lot which now all of the others were making their way down. Layla decided she was going to head back to the dorm with the guys to hang out more with Tae.

Hmm. I think I'm going to start wrapping up these couples. Its slowly coming to an end. I hope everyone has enjoyed it, lol going from yoongi, to Tae and then Kooki. lol its like putting three stories together.
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