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Now I know that it has been a while since we have been in the year 2017. I swear I had this list made out in January, but I forgot about it...

1. Stuck by Monsta X
2. Toy by Block B
3. Boom Boom by Seventeen
4. Fire by BTS
5. Monster by Exo
6. Bermuda Triangle by Zico
7. White Night by Up10tion
8. Gorilla by Pentagon
9. Hard Carry by Got7
10. Nice by Seventeen
11. Breathless by Astro
12. Fire Truck by NCT 127
13. Hide and Seek by Astro
14. Skydive by B.A.P
15. Make it Rain by Bastarz
16. Fighter by Monsta X
17. I am you,you are me by Zico
18. Agust D by Agust D
19. TT by Twice
20. Pretty U by Seventeen
21. Fanfare by SF9
22. Can You Feel It by Pentagon
23. Hit Me by MOBB
24. Hey Mama by EXO-CBX
25. Playing with Fire by Black Pink
26. Confession by Astro
27. Highlight by Seventeen. Ok so this was posted on Dec. 31st so I'm counting it as a 2016 song
28. Lucky One by Exo
29. Chewing Gum by NCT Dream
30. Cheer Up by Twice
31. That's My Jam by B.A.P
32. Feel So Good by B.A.P
33. Fly by Got7
34. Get Down by Boys Republic
35. Blood Sweat and Tear by BTS
36. Lotto by Exo
37. Boombayah by Black Pink
38. Hate by 4Minute
39. Fxxk It by BigBang
40. Do Better by Y Teen
41. Very Very Very by I.O.I
42. Don't Believe by Berry Good
43. Cider by Yezi
44. Rough by GFriend
45. 1 cm by Mamamoo
46. I'll Be Your Man by BTOB
47. HookGa by High4 20
48. I Like That by Sistar
49. Bingo by 24k
50. Queen by History
Awesome list!