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Now, for the moment every one of you awesome players have been waiting for! Are you ready for the winner of the Shipping Wars to become OTP once and for all!?!?!
*grabs a microphone out of darkness*
*black shades materialize on my brow*
HEEEEEELLO WORLD!!! and welcome to the FINAL CARD of (you guessed it)...
Shipping Wars! A battle of everyone's favorite ships to the very last broken heart! We broke the hearts of 14 ships, casting them all into the murky waters of loserdom! It was a great run, and I thank every single one of you for participating in this game. But you didn't click this to read me babble on about how great you all are... you just want the results...
*"Stronger Than You" begins to play*
Round 15: With only 8 votes Ruby x Sapphire and 12 votes Stevonnie, Stevonnie was the very last ship to be voted off the Shipping Wars! Garnet is the winner of Shipping Wars, and is the ultimate Vingleverse OTP!!!!!!!!!!!

But you all shouldn't be surprised... Sapphire saw it all along ;)

Gamemakers: @SimplyAwkward , @JaredDaigre , @YumiMiyazaki , and I , the reaper with a speaker, the best at eternal rest... the awesome, the all-powerful, the immortal Shinigami-San!

Shipping Wars tag list:

Want to be tagged in all of this Steven Universe goodness on Vingle? Comment @SimplyAwkward to be put on his Vingleverse list, and (if he gives me permission) I might use that list for my Steven Universe cards, too.
Yay!! True love conquers again!
Yaaay go Garnet :3
the best ship (and actual in the show ) won 😏