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This True Love Tuesday is a special edition. Today we are showcasing all the bromances we love. This one was a little tricky since most boy- girl friendships in anime are usually crushes or brother -sister types, but nonetheless,bromance friendships still happen.
This week I chose the squad 10 captain and lieutenant, Toshiro and Rangiku! They both are the representatives of squad 10 in the Soul Society and have a very close friendship & working partnership! They are close & it's great to see how they rely on one another. Even though Rangiku can be lazy at times, she is always there to follow her captain's orders. Toshiro may not always agree with Rangiku's antics but he has trust in her that she will come through for him. There you have it guys!
I was gonna suggest Hachiman and Yukino but it's a little hard to tell with them 😕 Dope card though :) can you tag me in your future post?
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@ZephyrBlaze sure thing!
I just love them so much!! ☺️💕
they really are cute together, I must say