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@DalyRomero is hosting a giveaway for the group, Astro! Here is my entry for the giveaway...

1. What is their debut day?
✲— February 23, 2016 (2016년 02 월 23일)

2. What is their Debut song?
✲—Hide and Seek 숨바꼭질

3. What is the date of their first TV Show appearance?
✲—August 2015 for their web drama
✲—January 2016 for their own show
(Pre debut)

4. When did they appear on Weekly Idol?
✲—Episode 279

5. What is the title of their debut album ?
✲—Spring Up 스프링업

6. Who is the leader?
✲—Park Jinwoo (JinJin) 박진우

7. What is their average age?
✲—19 years old.

8. Who is the oldest?
✲—Kim Myungjun (MJ) 김명준

9. Who is the youngest?
✲—Yoon Sanha (Sanha) 윤산하

10. What are their birthdays? (Order from Oldest to Youngest)
✲—March 5, 1994-엠제이 (Mj)
✲—March 15, 1996-진진 (JinJin)
✲—March 30, 1997-은우 (Eunwoo)
✲—January 26, 1998-문빈 (Moonbin)
✲—February 25, 1999-라키 (Rocky)
✲—March 21, 2000-산하 (Sanha)

11. Do they have positions such as Main Vocal or Sub Vocal? What are they?
✲—엠제이 (Mj) Main vocalist
✲—진진 (JinJin) Leader, Main rapper
✲—은우 (Eunwoo) Face of the group, vocalist
✲—빈 (Bin) Main dancer, vocalist
✲—라키 (Rocky) Main dancer, lead rapper
✲—산하 (Sanha) Main vocalist, maknae

12. How many songs do they have?