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It's Waifu Wednesdays, and this week it's all about those girls in glasses!

Laki Olietta - Fairy Tail

I had a few contenders for this week, but I gotta give it to Laki! She's a Fairy Tail mage who uses Wood Make magic, and I love her! She's cute, weird, funny, and has the most beautiful way with words! One of my earliest Fairy Tail memories was when she called the Phantom Lord guild hall "turtlish," meaning slow (I was first exposed to Fairy Tail when my roommate was in that arc)! I so wish we got to see her more! Bonus: my favorite color is purple!
I may or may not kinda ship her a little with Gildarts...
So share your bespectacled waifu with us!
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She's subtle and loves blades! My kind of dream girl.
I love this girl!
Geez, I'm torn between making jokes about certain guy characters that I don't like amd saying "Waifu" or saying Mey-Rin just because she doesn't need them and looks good in and out of them anyway.
haha, I considered her!
I want her as a kohai! T_T