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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
This fanfiction will have seven different stories too. It's set up just like the BTS fluffy fanfiction. I decided that when I get through all of the Boy's first parts, I'm going to tel you guys vote on the order. Right now, I just have them going from youngest to oldest.

If you missed it, click ------> HERE <------ For the Intro

Word Count: 1078


When I arrived at the grocery store, I pulled out my list and started to go down the first aisle. Picking up some salad stuff when I started to notice a couple of men looking at me then talking then doing it again. I decided to ignore them and go to the next aisle. They practically followed me, but stayed at the end of the aisle to stare at me. Getting the stuff and moving on was my best bet. When I got to the next aisle I picked up what I need and was about to turn to go to the next aisle when one of the men approached me. I allowed him with caution. “Do you speak Korean?” he asked a bit hesitantly. “Um…yes… can I help you?” “Oh, thank God.” He paused. “My name is Mr. Park I work at JYP... can I perhaps get your name?” “Um, it’s (Y/n) …” I replied. “Okay, that’s great…and I was wondering if you would be willing to go to an audition?” “audition?” “Oh, hell, just take my card and let me know when you’re free…” he hands me his card and walks off. When I get home, I told Sierra what had happened and she was happy for me. She told me I should call and I did…

They told me to meet them at the JYP offices for an audition. They gave me the address and a good time range to come in. All I had to do was tell the lady at the front desk and she would take me to where I need to go. When I arrived, I felt doubt start to eat away at me and I hesitated in the lobby. I was about to turn and walk out when I ran into someone. “I’m sorry…” I said feeling embarrassed as I looked up to a familiar face. “No, it was partially my fault, I wasn’t really paying attention.” He had a very handsome face, around six feet tall, smooth voice and amazing looking eyes. I felt like I stood there awkwardly staring at him for a few minutes. “I’m Yugyeom…” he said pulling me out of my frozen state. Of course, he was; I knew what GOT7 was. “(Y/n) …” I took his out stretched hand and shook it. “So, are you coming here for an audition?” “I was going to, but… I decided to just… leave,” I replied honestly. “Oh, come on, I’m sure you can do it…” “No, I think this was a mistake coming here…” I answered and was about to walk towards the door, but he grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the front desk.

“Please, no…” but it was too late he had gotten to the front and the lady looked at us funny. “(Y/n) is here for an audition.” I sighed and covered my face with my hand feeling even more flustered than when I ran into him. She typed a bit on her computer that she had sitting in front of her and said. “Mr. Kim has been waiting for her…” “I can take her up…” I looked over at him, confused about why he was doing this. He gave me a sweet smile in return. The lady at the front handed me a visitor pass; Yugyeom and I, both got on the elevator together to go to the fifteenth floor. “Why did you do that?” my anger and embarrassment very present in my tone. “I think you should take a chance. You might end up loving it here…” “How do you know?” “Because I like it here…” he said with a chuckle. I couldn’t help, but to smile. You’re such a goober, Yugyeom. The conversation kind of paused a bit as we ascended a couple of floors.

“So, where are you from?” he asked. Here we go, the confusing part. “I recently moved here from Busan…” I responded waiting for him to pry at me some more, but he surprisingly didn’t. “Ahh, I can hear your accent when you say Busan, but I really can’t hear it otherwise,” I laughed. “Well, both of my parents were originally from Seoul, if that makes a little more sense.” “Yes, it makes a lot more sense…” he said with a smile, but didn’t push any further. “You must be special…” “Why do you say that?” I asked curiously. “Because they sent you to the head of auditions.” I scrunched my eyebrows together. What exactly does that mean? I thought. The elevator stopped and the doors opened with a ding.

“I don’t know about that.” I said under my breath when he started to walk out the door. I stood in the elevator a little bit longer, still nervous. I didn’t know why. It wasn’t like I wanted to do this in the first place. “You coming?” Yugyeom asked pulling me out of the debate that I was having in my head. He stood right outside of the elevator with his arm out for me to take. I held back the giggle that so desperately wanted to escape from my lips. He leads me to Mr. Kim’s office and stopped right outside the door. “This is where I leave you…”

“Thank you, it was very nice to meet you, Yugyeom.” I said giving him another handshake before grabbing the handle. “Um,” he started before I could turn the handle. “I was wondering, we could see each other again…” “Maybe, you know what? If we run into each other again, I let you take me on a date,” I said. “That’s really not fair…” He mumbled. I giggled “Trust me, I’m really hoping that we do…” he gave me a weak smile started to walk away with his hands in his pockets. He turned back around to give me a toothy grin and kept walking. I then knocked after totally forgetting to do it earlier and I was glad that I had gotten to. I didn’t want my first impression to flop. “Come in!” I heard Mr. Kim’s familiar voice call out to me and I entered.

Yugyeom’s POV:

I glanced at one of the random clocks that were usually scattered around the office. “Great,” I was going to be late for practice. JB is going to scold me even more than last time. I sighed, taking off down the hall and back to the elevator to go down to the fifth floor.


Did I use the right form of since/sence in paragraph four? I'm not too sure, please let me know... :) Anyways BAMBAM's is next because he is the second youngest.

Thanks for reading!
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Yes. The word sense is correct.
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