When you were looking at your baby, Hoseok suddenly tapped you anxiously. "What?" "Look.." You turned to the side and saw Go Hae Soo. What does she want now? You wanted to hurt her so bad, but you had to resist the urge. Hoseok stood behind and tapped your shoulder gently, making you sure that he was going to be there for you. Go Hae Soo looked at your face for a while and smirked. You almost gagged at that smirk, but held it in miraculously. "So... you survived.." She looked through the mirror where your baby was. "-And I'm guessing that your little tiny baby survived too.... how pleasing." You let out a deep breath and calmed yourself down. "Well.. I mean, you just saved your baby.. and you don't want it to die right?" Your eyes grew wide and licked your chapped lips. "What.. what do you mean die?" She smiled ear to ear looking at you. "I mean.. maybe I sent some of my men over and could've took over that place?" She made an annoying, fake pouty face and pointed towards where your son was. You gasped at the sight. The nurses were captivated by the men and they were standing by your baby's incubator. "NO.. YOU CAN'T DO THAT." Go Hae Soo's face totally changed and ordered, "Then get on your knees." You bit your lip at what she said. Hoseok tried to intercept into the conversation, but you stopped him. Slowly one by one, your knees dropped to the floor and looked down. "Look at me." She lifted your chin, and you made direct eye contact with her devilish eyes. "Now promise me that you'll break up with Jimin and never let him know about this baby. Well.. I mean, I've already planted some things to him, so it won't be hard for you to break up with him" "What do you mean plant things in him?" She looked at you like she did you a favor. "I have pictures of you and your little boy toy over there." She looked at Hoseok, then you. "I bet Jimin thinks you're cheating on him by now." That's when you got a call from Jimin. Go Hae Soo checked who it was and she let you answer it. She mouthed, "Break up with him." You answered it and you heard his soft and worried voice. "Hello?" "Y/n, it's me Jimin. What's going on? What happened? I couldn't get in contact with you for about 3 days!" "...Hey Jimin, I gotta talk to you..." Your heart hurt to break up with him right then and there, so you decided to meet him in person. "Let's meet." As soon as you said that,, Go Hae Soo looked panicked. Probably scared that you would blow off everything to Jimin, but you knew if you did that, your baby wouldn't be able to be safe. After you hung up, she screamed, "YOU CAN'T MEET HIM!!" You explained calmly and confidently, "I won't say anything to him. I promise. I know what you would do to my baby if I did." She silently approved. While you were changing to meet Jimin, you looked at yourself in the mirror. Pale, Skinny, dead. You looked absolutely dead. Suddenly a tear fell down and you totally broke down. Jimin was the love of your life. You couldn't just tear him down like that. "Y/n, it's okay. It'll be fine. You gotta protect your baby. One day everything will clear up and he'll become nothing to you." But you knew you wouldn't be able to forget about him. You knew so deeply in your heart, it hurt. You met him at a nearby café. Jimin looked worried sick. you didn't look too healthy. "Y/n, I missed you!" You hugged her, but you didn't hug back. "Jimin, let go. I need to talk to you." He sat down, flustered. "What's wrong?" "Let's break up." Your head grew light headed at the horrible sentence you just said. It wasn't something you meant. "What do you mean let's break up?" You wanted this over with and cleared. It was too hard for you. You felt the tears coming in and you couldn't handle the pain. "I just can't.. can't handle you anymore." You were able to tell that Jimin was in clear shock. He didn't make eye contact with you and his tears just fell, constantly. You looked up at the ceiling trying to make your tears go back and dry up. "Y/n.. stop.. don't do this." You couldn't do any more. "We're over." And you stormed out. Jimin started to follow you out. "Y/n! What are you doing?" You stood far away and looked at his face. Beautiful eyes, lovely hair, cute and plump lips. Even though he was frowning, you could still see he was perfect. That was going to be the last time you saw him. And you wanted that face to be inserted in you forever. "I can't do this with you anymore!" He tried walked closer, but you ran away saying, "STOP! Don't come any closer!" He stopped. You ran to your heart's limit. 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