>>>PRESENT TIME After that horrible flashback you had, you zoned out for a while. Thinking about if you can really meet Go Hae Soo another time. The waitress came over, "Ma'am may I take this drink out of your way?" That's when you came back to your senses. "Uh.. yeah. Sorry." she smiled and left. You let out a deep breath and left. You had things to do as a mom. Make food, clean the house, pay bills, go to the bank, etc. And now you were a wife. Well, a fake wife. But, you still had to do things like a regular wife. You went to the supermarket and bought some things to make Jimin and Young Joon. As you saw the newlywed couple passing by, it reminded you of Jimin, and when you guys were still in love. You figured out that you should make him his favorite food. Kimchi Jjigae. You came home with bundles of groceries in your hands. As you opened the door and let down the groceries, you let out a big breath. And a minute you started getting into business. Cutting the Kimchi, onions, meat, you kinda felt happy. Young Joon always made you happy when he came home, but the thought of Jimin coming in with Young Joon made you smile even with out trying. You always imagined this to happen, and this always stopped at your imaginations but it was real now. You didn't care anymore that you were his fake wife. All that mattered was you recovering the relationship between Jimin. That's what you really wanted. After you finished setting the rice on the rice cooker, you felt exhausted and laid down on the couch. Your eye lids slowly closed, relaxing your whole body. About 20 minutes after you fell asleep, Jimin came in the house with Young Joon. Young Joon was about to wake you up, but Jimin smiled and shook his head. "We should leave mommy alone. I think she had a rough day. What about you and me just eat alone?" Young Joon beamed a smile and nodded. Jimin set the table and the two of them ate smiling, laughing, whispering, they had a good bonding time. Jimin put all the plates into the sink and helped Young Joon go to sleep. He laid down with Young Joon and as he sang a lullaby to him he noticed something peculiar. His eyes, nose, lips, they all resembled Jimin. Something didn't feel right. 'Is this really.. really my kid?' He started to think about answers to his questions. He shook his head and paid attention to Young Joon. Jimin saw that Young Joon fell fast asleep, breathing with such delicacy. He left the room quietly and discovered you still sleeping. "Like mother like son." He knew he had to finish the dishes, but his feet leaded him to you. Your soft skin was glowing, hair was shining, and every breath just wanted him to care for you so carefully. Jimin was.. falling in love with you once again. Hypnotized by your beauty, he put your bangs behind your ear and observed your face once again. Suddenly, your mouth started mouthing something. He put his ear to your mouth and you whispered, "Sorry jimin." He checked if you were asleep, waving his hand infront of your face. Yep, you were asleep. You were talking in your sleep. He playfully smirked at the sight of you. "Jimin.. I... love you." Those words struck him like lightning. He couldn't believe the words you said. She was.. she was in love with him. He couldn't help but go closer to you. He softly kissed you on the forehead and you automatically smiled, like you sensed his kiss. Jimin pulled back, but you grabbed his wrist. "Don't.. go.." He let you grab his wrist and carefully let his hand down. "I'm not going anywhere." You smiled and once again fell asleep. But as much as Jimin started loving you back, he needed to know what happened to you. He needed to know why you broke up with him out of nowhere. He needed explanation. The doorbell rang and Jimin quickly ran to the door. As he opened it, he found Hoseok. Hoseok was a little startled and Jimin examined him carefully. "Uh.. Hi.. I actually needed to give y/n something." Jimin answered coldly, "She's sleeping." "Already?" "She got tired and fell asleep on the couch." "Oh.. then, uh.. I'll go. I'll come later when she's awake." He turned around and left. Jimin observed him carefully and felt the familiar sense flowing through Hoseok. He knew.. He knew- "WAIT!" Jimin ran to Hoseok and looked at his face. The sudden flashback ran through his head. "You.. you were the guy in the picture." Hoseok let out a deep breath. He knew this day would come. But, he just turned around and started walking away. "STOP." Hoseok just kept on walking. "STOP." That's when Hoseok stopped his steps. He turned around and looked at Jimin with a solid face. "Did.. Y/n really cheat on me with you?" Hoseok stared into Jimin's curious eyes. "Do you really want to know?" Jimin slowly nodded. Hoseok hurried up to Jimin and they faced each other making fiery eye contact. "No." Hoseok saw Jimin's eye brows twitch. He knew Jimin wouldn't be able to believe him. "You got pictures of me and her right?" Jimin tried to match thing together, but nothing was really fitting. 'How did he-' "Those are fake. She was never cheating on you, and I promise you she never will. This whole situation was made up." "I don't understand-" "I know. It's hard to understand. I'll explain it to you. Follow me." Hoseok started to walk and Jimin followed. Their footsteps stopped at a nearby cafe. At that cafe, Hoseok explained everything. Every single detail. He didn't miss out a thing. Jimin sat there dazed out. "My stepmother really did that? And Young Joon is actually my son? So... she was doing that for me and Young Joon? I.. I-" Hoseok looked at him and bit is lip. "Please take good care of her." And he left. Jimin tried to sort things out. Here he was in a cafe thinking about y/n and the things she did for him. It had to be unexplainably painful and hard, but she went through that and came all the way over here. She must've missed him at one point, and she had to have wanted to kill herself at one point, but she made it. Jimin ran out of the cafe and came back home. He opened the door and saw y/n doing the dishes. "How was my stew?" He hurried to you with no answer and met his lips with yours. 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