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You were sitting at Starbuck tboyfriend. You were on your second Venti caramel macchiato already; he hasn't shown. He hadn't so much as given you a text. You sighed, taking a sip of the bittersweet liquid. The barista kept his eye on you. It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon and there wasn't much traffic in the cafe- and you were there pretty much every day of the week if we're being honest here. Sometimes your boyfriend joined you, but he never ordered coffee. He hated coffee. The sweetness never outweighed the bitter for him. Min Yoongi- the Starbucks barista- knew your order by heart. He wasn't a stranger to seeing you sigh in the far booth by the corner, twirling your phone in your hands. However, you looked particularly depressed today. Nobody had come in for an hour and him and his co worker had already finished most of the cleaning tasks up until that point so he figured he'd take a break and talk to you. (He found you cute and always wonders why you were with that man. I mean opposites attract but there are limits...) You sighed again, your eyes hazy as they barely focused on the rain pouring down outside the window. "Hey Y/N, are you alright?" You jumped, must have been lost in thought. "... How did you know my name?" You blinked. He chuckled shaking his head. "Well I ask everyone's name for the drinks..." You nodded, turning red at how dumb you must have sounded. He straightened his apron, before taking a seat across from you at the table. "Is it okay if I join you?" "A little late now..." You said, pressing your phone, no notifications of course. "Are you waiting for someone?" He asked. "I guess you could say that." "He's late again, isn't he?" You turned red again, looking down. Of course he was late . When he was on time he didn't want to be there. He wasn't just a little late, he was hours late. You looked out the window. Yoongi gazed at you with concern in his eyes. A couple walked past the window. His arm was around her back, the other one holding an umbrella. The girl giggled animatedly before running past him and beckoning him to follow. But wait... Wasn't that..? "Isn't that....?" Yoongi and you said at the same time, turning to face each other. "Yeah...." You felt like you were on the verge of tears, your face heating up, heart in your throat. You stood up suddenly, your phone falling from your hands. It felt like you couldn't breathe. "Ah, shit..." He ran his hands through his blonde hair, before standing up and walking to your side of the table and embracing you cautiously. "Are you... Is this okay?" "No..." You broke down in tears, clinging to his shirt. "I'm sorry... I just. I expected it but I didn't ... Expect it, you know? It's just. It's such a shock... I'm sorry. I hate him I can't... " "Hey, it's okay.. He was an asshole. We both knew it." He patted your back awkwardly. You took a deep breath, breathing in the coffee smell of Yoongi's chest, you could feel his heart pounding just a little bit faster than a normal person's would. The initial shock had worn off and you felt a little awkward realizing you were in the arms of the Starbucks barista. You know how he had thought you were cute? It's not like you had never noticed him either... He was a babe. How could you not? You took another deep breath trying to calm your palpitations also. Coffee. Espresso. Vanilla... "You smell good..." You murmured. "Hm?" You felt the vibration from his voice.  "Coffee. I like..." "You're sure you're alright now?" You looked up at his lazy smirk and wiped your heart eyes. He cupped your face gently. "I want to go home." ~ "It's okay if I leave early for the day?" "Yeah. I can handle it, the next person's in at six." His co worker confirmed, shaking his head at you two. "Alright" Yoongi rubbed your back gently, nervously as you walked out of the cafe. "Those two..." ~ "Where do you live, again?" Yoongi pulled out his keys, looking at you. Clearly not in a state to walk home by yourself, he led you to his car and opened the passenger side for you. You told him the address and leaned back in the seat. When you arrived at your apartment, you mindlessly led him to the elevator and up to your room. You fumbled though your keys trying to unlock the door faster than your state would let you. Yoongi chuckled softly. The door opened and you turned the light on before throwing your jacket on the floor and kicking your shoes off. "Aiiiiish, I can't believe him!! He cheated, what an asshole why... Aghhh I could have done way better...." You pulled your phone out of your purse, and before deleting his number you texted him the words, I saw you. It's over. "Yeah, you could've.... " Yoongi moved closer to you, you could feel his breath on yours. Your eyes flew up to staring into his lazy dark eyes. "Like me" he smirked, and you felt Yourself turning red again. So many emotions were running through your body right now, and in that moment you just wanted someone to actually pay attention to you and care for you. (Unlike your boyfriend...er, ex boyfriend) and that person just happened to be the cute barista. (Min Yoongi) and in that heat of the moment, you pulled him even closer and your lips were on his, and his hands suddenly were around your body. It felt like you had been waiting to do this forever. You felt his tongue explore your mouth, and you nibbled on his lip a bit, before kissing down his neck to his collar bone, sucking on his skin. You felt him groan, and fumble for the clasp to your bra under your shirt before bringing you back up to his lips and kissing you harder "Where's your bed...?" He murmured between kisses. Without a word, you led him to your room, then he kissed you again in the doorway, before sitting you down on the bed and removing your tank top. You bit your lip and looked down nervously while he took in your naked upper half- he removed his shirt as well and you bit your lip for a different reason- before he hovered over you and kissed you hard on the bed. He gently fondled your breast with his hand. "So perfect..." You giggled. This wasn't what you expected to be doing that Wednesday. But here you were. Underneath him... Wanting him... You bit his neck again, you could feel his hard-on through his jeans and rubbed it. He groaned into your ear before moving down and rubbing your hips. You felt warmth pool inside of you and you rubbed it again, harder this time before undoing his jeans. "Ah.. What do you want, Y/N?" You heard the lust in his voice, making your lower regions feel even warmer... "You." You breathed, reaching down his pants and feeling how hard he REALLY Was. "ah..." He moaned, removing his pants so he was fully naked, then he worked on undoing your jeans as well. "Me?" You blushed, kicking your skinny jeans off so you were left in just your lacy panties. "You want this cock...?" His eyes looked down on you, hooded with lust. He bit his lip, and you swore you could feel your vagina exploding already. You nodded. He kissed your lips again, nibbling slightly, you felt his fingers gently against your panties, sending electric shocks through your body and you couldn't help but moan. "You like that...?" "Mhm..." He kissed down your neck and your collar bones all the way down to your core, but not before fondling and sucking on your breasts first. By now you were soaked and so ready for him... "Yoongi..." You breathed. He slid down your panties slowly, that lazy smirk on his face. "You're so wet for me already, huh?" He sucked on your hips then he licked your pussy. Finally. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue, and bucked into his mouth. He went slowly at first, then faster until you felt like you were going to explode. "I'm close...yoongi..." He then stopped, leaving you feeling frustrated, and you whined. "Just wait, babe...." He said, his voice low. He sat up and spread your legs before lining his cock up with your entrance. He moved in slowly, leaning over and connecting his lips with yours again. "This is okay?" "Yes, yes, yoongi... Yes..." He moved in slow, calculated thrusts going deeper and deeper inside you. You felt your orgasm build up again and you clawed his back. You moved your body with him trying to get as much friction as possible. The room was filled with your noises, his low groans.. you could feel his thrusts getting more sloppy, faster as he moved towards his own orgasm. He kissed your lips, your neck, your forehead as he fucked you. He couldn't get enough. "Your pussy.., feels so good..." He drawled, his hot breath in your ear. "I'm close already" "Me too..." He sped up his movements again, Hitting your g spot even deeper and you felt a volcano erupt inside yourself, warmth all through your body, before you hit your high and then you were screaming his name and wrapping your legs around his body while your pussy milked his cock while you came. A string of curses fell from his mouth before he pulled you closer and crashed into your lips. "Fuck, Y/N..." he thrusted twice more before you heard a drawn out groan and felt him spill out inside of you. He kissed your forehead and rolled off of you, and there was that lazy smirk again. "I don't know what that was," you said breathlessly. "But. I feel better now."