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Que tal peeps,

Here we go! FOR MATURE PPL!

I was so happy to have Jay back. The crew and I were in the club VIP drinking it up. My boo was free and we got that bitch in court for slandering his reputation. Luckily her mother adopted the child. But I know I betta not see that trick in the streets imma slap dat hoe. I was looking good in this red fitted dress with a gold zipper in the back. Jay couldn't keep his hands off me. As I was pouring some champagne he came up behind me and ran his hand down my back. He leaned in and whispered meet me out outside then walked away.

I walked outside and there was a huge limo and Jay was sitting in seat.

"Baby come in. It's about to go down!"

I squealed and hopped in. As soon as the door closed and locked Jay began kissing all over my neck.
"Baby you are so good to me. I love you. I wanted to wait but." He paused and then pulled out a huge as ring. "Baby will you marry me?"

I began crying and shaking. Jay hugged me.
"You can say no baby."
"Yass Jay I will marry you." I said.

He placed the ring on my finger and then we fell into a deep kiss. He slowly uzipped my dress a began rubbing on my back. I bit his ear and sat on top of him.

He grinned. "Ah someone wants to be charge?"

I giggled and began singing his song ride. "Yeah I wanna ride what's mine." I said while licking his neck.

He pulled off my dress and I was completely nude. I didn't wear any panties or bra. Jay smiled as I slowly inserted him inside me. I could myself adjusting to him. I let out a moan as he groaned.

"Damn you are already ready baby girl." Jay moaned.

I slowly began riding him as we kissed deeply. His mouth tasted of hennessy with a dash of Jay Park sweetness. I began grinding faster as we hit a few bumps. He gasped as I pulled back to see his face. His eyes rolled in the back of his head.

"You like it when I ride you baby?" I said while flicking my tongue at him.

He stuck his tongue in my mouth and then flipped me over. He spanked me so hard I screamed as I felt the sting.

"You think Daddy will let his baby girl have all the control?" Jay said while plunging deep I'm side me.

I moaned his name as he spanking me in between pumping inside me. He was hitting all my spots I could feel him stretching me. Warm liquid was running down my thighs as he pushed me up against the window. I was so happy they were tinted. He reaching around and rubbed my nub as he blasted me without mercy. I could feel him in my stomach.

"Yass Jay....ah....yass please make me squirt." I moaned so loudly.

He leaned in and licked on my ear while spreading me wider and I felt a huge rush of liquid leave my body as my orgasm came on. Jay was moaning loudly as he pulled out and emptied on my rear.

I threw on his jacket and we cleaned up the back seat and make jokes until we were home.

"Now for the round 2!" I said while grabbing him by the arm and running into the house.
I was reading this in church I am such a bad girl lol
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@amobts I know I'm bad lol