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WARNING: Adult Situations

When he let her up for air 10 minutes later, they were both breathing hard. He rested his forehead against hers, as he had lifted her up for better access.
Jak gasps, “I understand the no lipstick now”.
He smiles, “I learn my lessons fast. Have you learned yours? However, I don’t mind teaching this one over and over.”
She laughs, “Is that what this is? A lesson? I thought the no lipstick was for a ‘discussion’”.
He grins, “You can discuss with me anything, anytime. Now, has my position on how I feel about you cleared up?”
She smirks and tilts her head, “I’d say it’s pretty obvious and hasn’t cleared up a bit.”
She’s rewarded with a growl in her ear and his teeth on her neck as she screams, “My neck! Noooo, not my neck! I give, I give but you did ask!”
He drops her back down to the floor, “You are correct, on both accounts. We did have dinner plans but I think I’m going to change them. I’m not in the mood to share you.”
“Two seconds”, she comments as she starts to head to the bathroom; refusing to let go of her hand he follows behind. When she grabs her lipstick to apply it, he takes it out of her hand, grabs her bag and leads her back to the front door.
“No lipsitick. I may make that a new rule.”
“I like lipstick.”
He looks over as he sits behind the steering wheel, “No more dark lipstick then?”
“Deal. Unless it’s for a shoot.”
Shoes off and comfy on the couch, Jiyong wanders back in with the food that was just delivered.
“Mm, smells yummy.” She holds out her hands trying to grab a bag from him.
He holds them just out of her reach. “Not so fast. What do you say?”
She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms, “I thought you said you learn your lessons fast?”
“Some are worth repeating; now what do you say?”
“Gimme or get nothing later, not even a snuggle.”
He stands there a minute, looks up at the ceiling and hands over a bag. “You’re right, I need to learn that lesson.”
She pulls out her platter, licks her lips and places it next to her on the couch. She turns, grabs his face and gives him a big smooch. “Thank you Oppa for feeding me, Saranghae.”
As she turns back to her food he grabs her and settles her on his lap.
“Ahh! Noo…my fooooood,” she whines as she’s moved away from it. She turns to pout at his face that’s now 2 inches away.
“Say it again.”
Knowing exactly what he wants to hear but still in a playful mood she cups her hands under her chin and says, “My foooood”, blinking her eyelashes.
He growls, throws his head back and pinches her bottom. “Why do I try?”
She pulls his face back down to hers, “Because you love me. Saranghae Oppa.”
His lips meet hers in mutual affection, as he pulls backs he admits, “You’re right. I do love you.”
Her smile lights up the room and he tucks her in under his chin. After a few minutes she squirms.

“So, now that we’ve confessed, does that mean I have to starve?”

Awe confession time! So cute and sexy. Love them together!
too cute