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Hi guys!

We've done Battle of the Bias for two years now, but I think that this time we should split up the girls and the boys a little more. Give the girls a chance to shine!

That being said, I'd like to kick off 2017's GIRL BATTLE OF THE BIAS!

Here's how it goes:

On this card, name your two bias groups (or solo artist) and leave them in the comments (example: Mamamoo and Red Velvet)

Then, I will count the votes and the top 6 groups will move to the next round.

We'll vote for ONE MEMBER ONLY from each group then they will go head to head in a bias battle!

So leave your votes below and lets give these girls some love!

Voting for this round ends March 3!

BlackPink and Mamamoo~
Stellar and Ladies Code
This is just too hard....I'll have to go with Mamamoo and Red Velvet
ugh get back to me in another life time when I can just pin down two 😫😫😫 there are so many I like.....there's 2NE1 and SISTAR and Mamamoo and 4(x) and 4 minute and even Kara
Mamamoo and Ailee
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