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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco
Angst/Smut Plot:
When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Y/N Pov)~

Woo Bae was sweet enough to actually grant my request to go with him to Loco's home. Surprisingly it was a penthouse that was quite huge. We walked in together, as the as the security was eyeing the both of us. Woo Bae was carrying the bag, so I understood why they looked his way, but I must be sending off a red flag.

They knew I was a thief but it didn't make them trust me to be around Loco's loot. Woo Bae tap my shoulder to get my attention since I wasn't following him anymore. He was about to speak up when we heard the doors slam open.


I heart sank the moment I saw two of Loco's men dragging him to the couch, and laid him down. He was wincing in pain and barely moving on his own. I watched them go pass me as I saw the bullet wounds. I cover my mouth and try my best not to cry at the sight. He really was shot, and this was no joke.

"The Medic said he's twenty minutes away."

Loco coughed, as his men try to treat his wounds. "We don't fucking got twenty minutes." I took a deep breath, and grabbed Woo Bae's arm. "I have medical skills, I can treat him." I said out loud, making everyone looking at me, and glaring. "There is no fucking way we are letting a fucking whore thief touch boss." One of the men that was trying to make the bleeding stop was glaring at me as he spoke.

I took a deep breath as I blinked to clear up my vision. "Then let him fucking die... you said so you're self. He's not going to last twenty minutes. I at least have some experience in the field and know how to treat bullet wounds." They all looked at each other, when Woo Bae guided me over to Loco.

Loco winced as he looked up at me. His breathing was sharp, as I held his hand. "I am going to need your first aid kit, water, tweezers, get me that fucking bottle if vodka and one of whiskey. Oh and gloves, as well as a couple of glasses and one shot glass."

No one hesitated as they all went and did as told. I went to pull out my knife, when one of his men put a gun to my head. "Don't you fucking try anything funny bitch." He took my knife from me as I glared at him. "Then you fucking rip his shirt you bitch! I wasn't trying anything funny, I need his shirt removed so I can tend to the wounds ass-wipe."

The man just blinked at me a bit caught off guard. I took my knife back and slapped him with it. "Bapo!" He growled, as I ripped open Loco's shirt. "Take it from my share to replace your shirt." I said to him, getting a weak smile from him. They finally came back over with the items I had named off. I put on gloves, as I signal them to give him the shots of whiskey to help ease his pain, as I used the vodka to sterile his wounds.

I used bottle of water to wash away the blood, as I got the tweezers and pulled out at the very least two of his bullets. I started grinding his teeth from the pain as I waved too Woo Bae. "Take his belt off for me, and fold it, have him bite down on it." Woo Bae apologized to his boss, as he did what I ordered. Loco didn't fight or argue as he bit down on his belt.

"Trust me if you want to bite down on something, its always smarter to bite on something leather. It stops you from choking on your saliva, and protects your teeth from each other."

I glanced up at Loco's eyes and saw he was watching my every move. "Don't get the wrong idea here. You and I have a business deal, I need you alive to keep it in tack. You know very well I need the money." He gripped my thigh as I went for the next bullet.

I looked up at him and saw a tear roll down the side of his face. "Well thanks miss, but think its best you let the pros take it from here." The doctor said, making me look up at him. "Lucky you Loco, you had a quack that knew what they were doing." I was growling as Loco took my hand into his own.

He gave me the expression that said to bite my tongue. I sighed heavily, before moving aside and letting the doctor take my spot. Loco didn't let go of my hand, so I remain beside him. The doctor didn't really have to do much after taking over though. I had already gotten out all of the bullets and sanitized properly.

All the doctor had to do was sew his wounds closed, and clean up. He glared at me, before looking at Loco. "Rest for now, I'll leave some pain killers for you. Call me directly if you have any problems cause by this quack. She may have done a decent job on your wounds, but doesn't always mean you're in the clean."

I felt Loco tug at my arm, after spitting out the belt. I lean down so my ear was near his lips. "I know I had you bite your tongue, but do my a favor. Kick him in the face." He whispered as I grinned happily.

"As you wish boss."

I kick the doctor in the face as hard as I could. He double over in pain, while Loco softly chuckled. He wince from the pain of laughing, and I pet his head lightly, to distract him from the pain. The doctor was escorted out of the penthouse, whilst being threaten. Woo Bae then touch my shoulder and nodded for me to follow him.

I went to get up, but Loco kept me beside him. I looked over at him, as he pulled my hand towards his body, not allowing me to leave. I sighed and went back to petting his head. "He's not letting me go. I'm okay with it, though."

Woo Bae nodded as they all left me along with Loco. Though their was still one guard at the door way to the hallway. I pulled the blanket he had over the couch, over him and went back to playing with his hair. He rest his eyes and seem to have fallen asleep. I remember when I was shot, and had to treat myself.

His pain must of been four times worst, so I was glad he could sleep the pain away. I had fallen asleep beside him, while still petting his head.

When I woke up, I found the blanket over me, and he was gone. I sat up faster, as my entire body went into pain mode. I ran around looking for him, when he step out of the steamy bathing in only a towel. "Hyuk Woo!" I ran over to him and stop dead in my tracks when he glared at me.

I cover my mouth as I realized I just broke a restriction in our contract. Loco sighed heavily, as he closed his eyes. He pointed over towards the kitchen. I saw a suitcase, and made my way over to it. I open it to see my cut of money I stole back for him. I gulped as I stared at the money.

It was what I wanted, but my stomach is twisting. I looked up to see Loco had went into his room. I felt a tear roll down my face, as I stared at the bedroom door now. This was strictly business between us, so why was I being like this. I just closed the case, and took it with me, as I left he penthouse.

Woo Bae was waiting for me outside the penthouse, and greeted me with a smile. I wiped away my tears, before going off with him back to my apartment, so I could clean up. Woo Bae didn't ask me once why I seem sad, just patted my head to comfort me. Once I was done cleaning up and eating a meal, I headed out without Woo Bae. Mainly because I asked him not follow me.

I couldn't afford Loco finding out about my little sister. Who knows how he would use it against me. He seem like a good man, but he was also could flip the script at any time. I had to protect my sister from the world I put myself in to provide for her. I just wanted to focus on her getting better and paying for the bill.

I went to the hospital finance wing, and handed over the money for the hospital bill. The person I did the transaction with gave me a judging look before taking the money and filing the payment. He did once ask me what kind of job I had, I told him I worked at the American military base. Not once did they ask or check into my job, since I pay up front and always pay on time, If not in advance. I took the chance to visit my sister in the opposite end of the hospital.

"Y/N!" She saw me the moment I pop my head in. She was getting treatment, when I came in, as the doctor and nurse smiled warmly at me. "She receiving well, especially well on the days you come to visit." My little sister smiled ear to ear as I came to the side that wasn't be taken over.

"Hey sweet little Roza. Doctor saying you are showing some amazing results, so tell me how you feel." She held up her thumbs as I giggled softly. I came closer to her and kissed the top of her head. "That good, keep fighting and stay strong my starlight."

I gave her a light hug as she snuggled up to me. She had been fighting this for so long, it was amazing to see her get better and better. This illness she had was kick her ass in the States, but ever since I got her here in South Korea, she had been getting better. I think she really just need a more hands on environment, as well as more welcoming. I really did like this hospital though, they help me keep and eye on her, as well kept her seizures in check.

"Mr. Y/LN, may I please have a moment with you in private?"

I nodded head, before kissing Roza's head. "I'll be right back." She smiled while I walked out to the hallway with the doctor. "We were able to find one of them, which means she going to need surgery. But this we want to hold off on this one. Cause there a seventy percent chance, she will never be able to walk away."

I felt my stomach twisting again, and my vision blurring. She was suffering way to much. Why was this happening to her, it wasn't right. I shut my eyes moment to collect myself and thoughts. I took a deep breath, as I looked back up at him.

"I understand doc, just please help her as best as you can. I promise money isn't an issue."

The doctor patted my head and smiled so kindly at me. "I know its not, we got this, don't worry so much. You can put you're trust and faith in me." I nodded my head before going back to see my sister. I spent the whole day with her, and went to leave two hours before visiting time was over.

Mostly because she had fallen asleep on me. It was refreshing to see her feeling better and smiling so brightly. I just wished that these doctors were able to help her. I just smiled as I headed out of the building. My luck though had seem to run out. Cause one of the things I didn't want to happen, actually did happen.


I looked up to see Ugly Duck, aka Ju Kyung, standing before me. I felt breathless and terrified at the same time. "It really is you...what brings you here?" I just smiled and waved at him...

"Um... Well..."

I couldn't seem to find the words...

If I told him about my sister he would most definitely tell Loco.

"I was here for treatment.... don't tell Loco but I'm actually very sick."

and just like that the lie doom to spiral out of control sparked.


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