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I really love Haruki Murakami, and I hope a lot of you guys do too!

That being said, I wanted to share a few places that are Murakami-inspired here in Seoul :)

1. Peter Cat

Named after Haruki Murakami's real-life jazz club in Tokyo, this little cafe is filled with Murakami books in all languages and usually plays music mentioned in his novels :)

2. Soomdo

This is a massive book cafe that serves food based around authors or books. They have a Haruki Cucumber Sandwich which is often mentioned in his books too (his characters are always eating haha) and it tastes SO GOOD!

3. Cafe Comma

This is a book store run by a book publisher in charge of getting Murakami's books out in Korean! Its a goooorgeous place for book lovers :)

Which is your favorite!? Any Haruki Murakami fans here?!

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Cari I love your posts and amazing travels you've been on and makes me feel so inspired do these one day.
thank you so much!! hope you can visit soon :)