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maknae Manny from VARSITY Is the kpop s world FIRST known Muslim.
as we all know VARSITY debuted not that long ago, and we have all discovered that VARSITY is not short on diversity (having chinese speakers Arab and English speakers as well) so I'm not at all surprised about this fact

What's you opinion on this? let me know
cute Lil bean
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happy 20th birthday RIHO I wish you much happiness!
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thanks for tagging me. I'm looking forward to learning more about this amazing group 😊
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no problem :)
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I don't understand why they would feel the need to mention his religion.
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I think it's because the staff wasn't aware and they wanted them to be able to respect him and his religious practice, plus people usually ask why you can't eat certain stuff so regardless they'd still have to say it's because of his religion
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This is really cool, hwaiting!
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