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So I changed it up a little bit for this chapter cause I just really want to see what's going on on Namjoon's side of things. plus what he was thinking in that last scene!!! my gosh lol

************ (granted not a lot of smut in this chapter)
Chapter 5

Namjoon’s view** (I can’t help it, I must find out what's in his head now!)

I couldn't believe myself, that I actually took the initiative to touch her. It was just she was next to me, she was there and I was showing her off to my friends. When her leg brushed up against mine I wanted d to touch her again. Running my fingers over her snow white skin, making her eyes glaze over as I touched her. My hands had a mind of there own as I set my hand on her thigh, moving my way up, when I felt her jean shorts I worked around it and ended up palming in between her legs. A puff of air came out of her. I had surprised her.

Jin was still talking to me but I really had no idea what he was saying. When I heard U/N softly humming I leaned in, the smell of flowers came from her hair as I whispered in her ear. She must have put perfume on after practicing, or did she normally smell like that. I wasn't sure, I wanted to find out though.
All of a sudden she stood up taking me by shock.

Shit I screwed up!

When she excused herself I watched as she exited the restaurant, afraid that she was just going to leave I followed her.

I should apologize, maybe she didn't like me the way I liked her. She treated me Like a friend and here I was having dirty thoughts about her.
When I got her to come back inside it felt like a major blow that she couldn't even take my hand, she didn't want me touching her.
Shaking my head confused by how U/N was acting all of a sudden. After hanging out with her with the guys she had avoided me. Which was different considering she was all over me before, well before I kissed her.
When I tried to walk her back to the school she had shut me down and left on her own.


In class after that she had made sure that she was constantly doing something and would continually shake her head like she was upset. I wanted to know what was going on with her.
When I came over to help her with her korean she sat across the table instead of sitting next to me. I had enough. If she just wanted to be friends I needed to know, if that was upsetting her his whole time I would stop, find someone else to take my mind off her.

I had shown interest in her, I knew she liked me, at least I thought she had before. so why was she acting this way now?

“What is wrong?” I asked frustrated.
“Nothing, wait no not nothing, I’m upset my teacher did not like my routine” she pouted.
“The one you showed me?” I questioned confused by her answer. Not the way I saw this conversation going.
“Yes” she nodded.
“I thought it was really good, you had smooth transitions between each move” I pointed out remembering it.

U/N had looked really good dancing, I had sat there admiring how she moved. U/N was a really good dancer and ballet suited her.

“The teacher said I used to many simple moves and I need to make it more challenging” U/N said. She was taping the table with her fingers than paused and moved her hand to her face, a finger resting on her lips, I licked my lips. She moved her hand to let her chin rest on her knuckles.
“I worked really hard on it, but I know after a few times it was easy and not challenging. I should have changed it up, but I left it” She sighed.
“Is she giving you another chance?” I asked.
“No, well yes, because I executed it to a T-” I stopped her and she sighed. “You know what, I did good so she took it for an A but told me for an extra project work on adding to the routine” She sounded frustrated.
“It worked out in the end” I said, wincing at my own words.
“Yes that is true. Anyway sorry I’ve been cranky, I’ve been trying to change it up. But instead I ended up working on another project” She said. “Oh, Hey you want to listen to it?” She asked.
“Listen? Is it music?” I asked.
“Yes, here.”

She pulled out her phone and grabbed some head phones than stood up and came around the table and sat next to me. She must have just did it habitually because she tucked her feet under her and shifted so she was leaning against my shoulder.

She was just in a tank top and shorts and her soft breasts rubbed against my arm as she pressed an earbud in my ear than music played. It was a soft beat that picked up. U/N kept shifting against me until I couldn’t help but need to adjust my posture, her body just molded right to me. I turned my head away from her, flustered by why she was getting so close.

Woman! She was sending such mixed signals, one minute she teasing me, the next she pushes me away, now she's back to teasing me.

“Namjoon? What do you think?” She asked sounding breathless. I shifted my eyes to look at her.
“I think it is good” I said. U/N was smiling at me now.

How the hell could she simmer me down so fast. Maybe there was something here?

“Are you okay Namjoon?” U/N asked looking at me worried.
“Yea, yea” I repeated rubbing my forehead.

I turned to look at her and she had on this dazed face she often gets, it looks as if she was deep in thought about something, I wanted to know but I never asked her about it. I stared at her until finally she came back to reality and looked freaked out, eyes wide. I wanted to ease her worries, but had no clue what she was worried about. Abruptly she pulled away from me and looked down at her to text book.

“Uhm, we should study” she said all of a sudden. I gave her a quizzical look.
“U/N, why don’t we go out and do something instead” I suggested. She gave me a look than shook her head.
“Its better not to. We have an exam together,” She stopped and shook her head. “Tomorrow  that we need to study for.” She pointed out. Heh she said together.
“Alright fine” I sighed. “Let's study and get this out of the way” I said.


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