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He is so handsome, I hope he enjoyed his birthday!!!! He's been posting alot on his Instagram, and going live alot recently too. He played a new song that he's working on and I can't wait to hear the finished result!!!!
I choose this picture because my hair is currently this color of blue......But I think he rocks it better
Favorite drama of his one of many actually Modern Farmer he was just too much in it...I loved this part when he's trying to convince his old bandmates to farm gabbages..
I think this one was taken when he was Jeremy for You're Beautiful...I still want him and Park Shin hye to be in a drama together where they are an Ouran Host club Korean version would be good
This is from his Dracula musical....How I wish I could find the full thing on YouTube or more parts because what I did find OMG he slayed's moments like these where I wish I lived in Japan or South Korea just so I can see all these awesome musicals with my favorite idols in them.

If you are new to K-pop he's the lead singer of FT Island an amazing band btw. He's also an actor, model. Child star actually who has been blessed to have made it as an adult...

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Happy Birthday Hongki Oppa !!!! 😄😄