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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol What: Romance/ College AU/ Fluffy Story: The ever so sunshiny Park Chanyeol becomes infatuated with you after seeing your performance on the ice but your busy schedule has you always running out on him. This boy won't stop until he has your complete attention on him so he can confess... Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol found simple pleasures in life, for example, the simple pleasure he got from a beat he made in his studio at home. Simple sounds that moved his soul and made him excited to be an aspiring rapper. He wrote words far more complicated than his personality and far more complex than anything he's ever truly felt. He observed and absorbed things around him, people's emotions, at least the obvious ones, were the type of feelings he wrote about. When his hyung's are sad or stressed he's there to provide playful comfort. Chanyeol was smart but easily pleased and experienced more freedom than what Y/n ever knew. Simple things like how Y/n walked out of the dressing room with a gray hoodie on and her hair spilled over one shoulder had him in awe and his heart fluttering like never before. Her recent performance on ice still had him star struck. She had her bag wrapped around her shoulder and her hands stuffed into the pocket of her hoodie. Pretty. She came to stand by Kyungsoo and gave a partial smile to them. "Ready to go?" Kyungsoo asked. "Yeah we should move quickly before my mother decides to call." She joked with him. He nodded with a laugh of his own. "Where are we going?" She asked. "There's a buffet place across from the campus it has the best meat ever!" Chanyeol beamed. Food made him excited too especially good food. She looked at Kyungsoo with wide eyes. "Isn't that place expensive?" She asked. "Yeah it is, maybe something a little less profile Chanyeol." Kyungsoo said. "Well we can go to my mom's place, she sells Italian food." "Your mom has her own restaurant?" She asked. Chanyeol nodded happily, there was nothing he liked to do more than show off the restaurants both his parents owned. He clapped happily, "Okay, Baekhyunie and Jongdae can come with me." Chanyeol said. "I'll go with Y/n and show her the way." Kyungsoo said. "Great, let's go!" Jongdae said. Chanyeol laughed that he heard his stomach growling. They all headed out the door but Y/n and Kyungsoo trailed behind; she was talking to him lowly and Chanyeol's long legs were carrying him faster and farther away from them. Baekhyun had been singing with Jongdae as they walked down the path to get to his car. It wouldn't take long to get to the restaurant which was good because he couldn't wait to talk to her. The moment they got in the car he wouldn't stop talking about how cool her flips were. The way she moved was so powerful and dynamic he couldn't help but wonder, if he wrote a song as powerful or as beautiful as Suga's would she perform it on the ice? Once an idea rose in Chanyeol's head it was rare that it ever came out. He wondered if she'd be open to it. Or if she'd let him watch her practice. They made it to his mother's restaurant and as soon as he walked in the employees greeted him like he was a celebrity. As usual they few were seated at the middle table and given a menu. The usual was when Chanyeol came with his friends, especially Baekhyun, they'd order pizza but since Y/n was a new edition the menu might change. Chanyeol sat where he could see them walk through the door. Jongdae and Baekhyun we're talking about a song they wanted to write together. "I wonder if we could get Yixing to help us." Jongdae said. "Hey why can't I help?" Chanyeol pouted. Jongdae laughed at him and said, "Because you've got your own project already." "Yeah all those days you spent in the studio producing just for one song and now you want another project." Baekhyun said laughing. "Yeah you're right, anyway I want to ask Y/n if she'll do a routine to one of my songs." Chanyeol said. "Why?" Baekhyun said. "What do you mean why? Didn't you see the way she moved on the ice? It would be awesome if she performed like that for one of my songs." Jongdae agreed but Baekhyun told him not to encourage him. Kyungsoo and Y/n walked in soon after and Chanyeol had Baekhyun scoot over so she could sit next to him. Kyungsoo took a seat in front of her. "What did you guys order?" She asked. "Chanyeol made us wait for you two." Baekhyun said. "Oh sorry, we got a little delayed." She said. "Her mother called." Kyungsoo said. Chanyeol nodded and the others seemed to get awkward for a moment. Y/n didn't seem to notice it, she was looking at the menu. "Kyungsoo we should get some pizza." She said. "Yay! I like her." Baekhyun cheered. She laughed at his out burst and Kyungsoo explained it was a normal order for them when they came here to eat. Baekhyun's favorite food was pizza anyway. Chanyeol watched the way she folded the menu back up and placed it on the table. She brushed her hair to the side and leaned on the table to talk to Baekhyun and Jongdae about what department they were in for school. Though he couldn't read people as well as others, he got the feel that this was the first time she was able to relax in a while. He joined in the conversation too and talked to her about music. "Are you an artist?" She asked him. He nodded happily, "I'm a rapper." Chanyeol said. "He can also sing but not so great with dancing." Jongdae said. "That's because he's too tall." Kyungsoo said. "Being tall isn't a bad thing especially in ice skating I prefer my male partners tall." She said. "What made you pick First Love?" Chanyeol asked. "The way his voice sounded was so strong and powerful and the way he talked about the piano was just- inspiring I guess." She answered. "Min Yoongi has a strong voice." Baekhyun said. She nodded. At the same time, they both said, "I hoped to meet him someday." Chanyeol later found out there circumstances, or rather their reasons for wanting to meet him were different. While Chanyeol hoped to one day perform with him Y/n wanted very much for him to see her perform. The level of understanding of what that meant to her wouldn't come until much later for Chanyeol but what he knew now was that this lovely girl smiling at him for sharing the same dream was by far the prettiest human being he'd ever lay eyes on. Years after this first day Chanyeol's mind had never changed, she was still the most beautiful sight to see in his eyes. Especially when she skated. "You know my brother likes to produce music too, he goes to the same college." She said "Oh we know, Yixing is so cool!" Baekhyun said excited. "Well he's been working on some new stuff, he's normally good with lyrics but he wanted to work with a singer this time. I can tell him to check you guys out if you want." She said. "She's the literal answer to a prayer. Kyungsoo I love her." Jongdae said. Kyungsoo and Y/n laughed and continued the conversation even as they ordered and began to eat. Chanyeol had never known jealously before he met Y/n, in fact, even the girl he adored in high school was not enough to cause the pang of jealousy in his heart. Had anyone asked Chanyeol at the time just after Jongdae said he loved Y/n, no matter how innocent the expression was, Chanyeol would've described a tightening in his chest that was quite unexplainable but that he was sure it was caused by the phrase I love her. Chanyeol could only admit, after pursing this figure skating champion for sometime, that he had felt his first drop of jealousy. Jealousy had the ability to turn people into monster's; however, Chanyeol was such a happy virus was that even his jealousy caught the cold. Instead of possessive, Chanyeol became affectionate, often reaching out to touch her hair or kiss her head. In a away, the action itself displayed to everyone how he felt 'this girl is mine, my heart, my life, my everything' so while it could be seen as possessive it was more purely acted out as love. Nothing was stronger or greater than their love. "Y/n can I touch your hair?" Chanyeol asked after looking at it for so long. She looked up at him confused, baffled really. It was a request she'd never received before. She chewed the rest of her food in her mouth before she stammered a, still slightly confused, "S-sure." Chanyeol was in capable of understanding how weird that request might have sounded but he was attracted to the soft brown color. It was shiny and alluring. It drew him in but despite how energized he was when he touched her hair his hand was soft. He brushed her hair gently with his fingers and stared at her face; she only looked at him for a moment before she turned back to Kyungsoo and the others. Her attention was soon drawn away by the ringing of her cellphone. The way she quickly answered the call anyway, made Chanyeol draw his hand away from her hair. "He is, he's not supposed to be in until tomorrow." She said into the phone. Kyungsoo sighed in a disappointed way which made Chanyeol realize that she would soon be leaving. "Alright Xing tell him I'll be there soon." She said. She said her fair wells on the phone but she didn't have to explain for Kyungsoo to know what was going on. "Can't you finish lunch with us first?" He asked. "You know I can't do that. He's already upset I didn't tell him about the competition and I swear mom said she told him." "What about your studies? You could use that as an excuse." Kyungsoo said. "I'm afraid not, he's at the house already and he and my step mother are waiting for me to come home. I'm sorry I have to go. Do you have a ride back?" She asked. "Yeah." He said disappointed. "Chanyeol how much do I owe you?" She asked him. He gave her a big smile and said, "Nothing, remember it's my treat." "But are you sure? I don't mind paying for something." "No I've got it. I hope you enjoyed. I hope to see you on campus and since your dad's here today maybe you'll have time to come to the party tomorrow." He said. "I'm not sure I'll still have to study." "You have to have fun sometime, please just think about dropping by that can be your payment." Chanyeol chuckled with a big grin. She looked down at him with a sigh and said, "Alright I'll try. I have to go now. Thank you for lunch it was nice meeting you all." She turned around and hurried away. Chanyeol learned later that habit of hurrying, walking quickly, even the little skip-run she did before she took off was a hard habit to break. It was cute to watch but difficult to have a romantic walk in the park with when his date kept scurrying away... Y/n's POV The pizza at Chanyeol's mother's restaurant was really good and worth going back too. All the boys were good company and you even wished you had time to hang out with then more. You had very little time to do anything though. Chanyeol and Baekhyun seemed to have the same personality; they were playful and full of energy, you would kill for half of that energy. You made it home and as soon as you walked through the door, Yixing came up to you. "Hey where have you been he's getting restless." He whispered "Yeah I know but I went to have lunch with Kyungsoo and his friends after the competition." You whispered back. "He wants to take you out to eat." "I'll stall him for as long as I can." You said. You walked into the living room of your apartment and saw your father sitting down on the couch talking with Yixing's mother. Though she was your step mother you had only one mom, despite how over bearing she might be at times, she was still your one and only mother so calling her anything other than step mom or Yixing's mother was next to impossible for you. She seemed to like rich things, that hadn't changed, considering as you walked closer to them you heard her complaining about how plain the couch was and how bare the walls were. How everything seemed like it was bought half price at a junk yard sale while she sat in her Mink coat and 14,000 dollar dress. The thing with Changying was that it was almost hard to be rude to her because she was so sweet. She was just used to a certain style of living, she came from riches and so riches was all she expected. Your father didn't seem to mind, he loved her and since he had money now it didn't really matter to him that she liked money. Sometimes you wondered if he remembered that it was your mother that brought him up though. You wondered if somewhere in the back of his mind did he ever think to maybe just show her some gratitude for taking care of you while also showing support and helping him through medical school. A lot of things went wrong with their marriage though, you knew that but there were things to be grateful for. Those things should've been enough to end the bitterness between those two but sadly it wasn't. "Papa." You said smiling. He looked towards you and stood up with a smile of his own. He came to give you a hug, "Hi sweetie how are you?" "I'm fine thanks. Hi Changying." You said greeting your step mother. She had already stood up and come to give you a hug just after your father. She kissed the side of your cheek and smiled at you, "How have you and Yixing been. Hopefully not arguing." She said. "No me and Yixing get along fine. Actually we don't see each other much at home that could be why we keep the peace." You chuckled. "How are your grades?" Your father asked. "Just fine papa." They were mostly okay, one of your classes you were struggling in. You had a C right now and you could pull it up before the end of the second semester provided you were able to understand what you were learning. This wasn't something you were going to voluntarily share with him and you were hoping he just wouldn't ask further. "Why didn't you tell me about your competition Y/n?" He asked. "Um- eomma said she would tell you." You said. As soon as you said that you realized maybe you should've lied and just said you forgot. You could see it over your father's face that he was annoyed by the mention of your mother but the fact that she was supposed to tell him and apparently hadn't, had infuriated him. "From now on, no matter what your mother says you call me and tell me yourself. You can't trust that woman's word." He said upset. "Yes papa." "She won first place, she performed very well." Yixing said coming out of the kitchen. He had a cup of tea in his hand he came over and handed it to his mother. He must've asked her what she wanted before you showed up. Your father still held you in a half hug and Yixing stood by his mother looking at you. You gave a soft smile, Yixing was at the very least proud of your accomplishment. "Well I'm glad you won. Although, you need to make sure you keep up with your studies okay young lady. A hobby is nice but figure skating won't pay the bills." "I'm sure mom would have something to say about that." In the back of your mind that's what you were saying but your response was, "Yes papa I know my studies are important." "When you become a doctor like me, you'll be saving lives and that'll pay the bills." He said. The amount of discomfort you felt at his comment was indescribable, the fact that you liked figure skating was unimportant to your father. Paying the bills and being a doctor was. Though you appreciated what doctors did and what you father did for others, you didn't necessarily want to be one but you had the capability of becoming one. It was unimportant to your mother that you had studies to take care of but at the same time you didn't want to be over worked taking ballet classes and skating at ungodly hours. It was unimportant to either of your parents that they weren't giving you a choice. All that mattered to them was proving which life was better. Which one of them was right. All that mattered was who would win. Now here you were, twenty-one and no idea of who you want to be because your dreams were over shadowed by their's. If you had any dreams of your own. Here you were with no voice and only submission to both parents because you just didn't have the energy to snap back at them the way you did in your head. "Actually Chil Yong, figure skaters that win the competition get a cash prize and the title that goes with it is magnificent. If she wanted to be a coach she could be, just based off how many competitions she's competed in alone, the fact that she's won first place in so many only raises her fee." Yixing said. In some way, that was Yixing speaking for you but you wished you could've said it yourself. It wasn't even a fear you had of your parents you just felt it was futile. It was. "Well she won't have time to skate around much when she becomes a doctor. Once you graduate I should be able to get you a good job at my hospital." He said. The amount of panic that surged through your body when you heard him say that felt like electricity going through your body and paralyzing you. You loved your parents but to be constantly ruled by them, to work with your father, was the equivalent of needing to rip your hair out of your head. The idea of never escaping their competition against each other was suffocating. "Thanks papa." You said in a small voice. "Well I'm hungry why don't you two get ready and we can go have dinner." Your father said. You nodded and walked away to go to your room. Yixing followed behind you and came into your room closing it behind him, "Y/n why did you just say thank you, you know you don't want to work with him. Talk to him." He said. "I can't." "Why not? Both Chil Yong and Ji Raim are ignoring what you want. They don't see it but I do, you don't want what they want." He said. You turned to Yixing, "I can't Yix, if I could I would say something but- it's too hard." "Living a life that isn't your is harder." He said. He turned to walk out of your room and you went to go get dressed. The rest of your evening went as expected though, your father discussed how it was to work as a doctor. He discussed school with you, he talked about your mother and when he did Yixing tried to steer the conversation away by talking about the project that he was working on which helped take the attention off of you. You came home exhausted from having to deal with them and then went straight to studying. The only time you got up for a break was when Kyungsoo stopped by. "Here are the notes. I just copied mine so you can keep this paper." He said. "Thanks Kyungsoo." "How was dinner?" "Draining as usual." You said. "I wish you would've stayed. Chanyeol won't shut up about your performance. It's worth talking about but Chanyeol's just a lot of energy all the time." He said. You smiled lightly, "I'm glad he liked it, it makes putting up with my mother worth it." You chuckled. "He really wants you to go to the party tomorrow. I really think you should go, just to appease him. He'd be really excited to see you there." "I don't know if I can Kyungsoo. Tomorrow is the only day my mother leaves me alone so I can use the whole day to study." You said. "You need to spend sometime with people, like real life human beings and not the ones that dictate your life and who you are. The party starts at seven, this is his address," He handed you a paper he'd pre-written with an address on it. "You don't need some secret password or anything just come to the door knock and they'll let you in." "That seems dangerous." You said. He shrugged, "You need to come. It'll be good for you." He said. He gave you a smile and left just after that. You looked down at the paper he gave you, "Cupids court." You read aloud the name of the street. You chuckled at the name and then went to your room to finish studying. You probably didn't sleep until twelve that morning. When you woke up the next day it was just more of studying, until you saw the address sitting on your desk from last night. What Yixing and Kyungsoo said ran through your mind. You never had time to interact with people often if it wasn't involving school. You had never been to a party before either. If you asked Yixing he'd hold it over your head and never let you for get it. What should you do? You tried to ignore it, you even tossed the paper in the trash and sat back down at your desk and started to study again but your mind kept floating back to the paper for some reason. The fact that your father wanted you to work at his hospital after you graduated, your mother wanted you to be a figure skater, Yixing wanted you to stand up for yourself, it was all so over whelming. You stared down at your work book and notes. You'd been writing and reading for so long now everything seemed to be a foreign language. You leaned back and sighed, "Would missing one day really be all that bad?" You said lowly to yourself. Your head turned to your closet and you got up and walked over to it. "I don't even know how I'm supposed to dress for a party." You said to yourself. You looked at the clock and saw it was already seven o'clock. The party had already started, showing up late might give you the advantage of slipping in. If you didn't want to stay you could easily slip out. You chose a simple beige dress, it was light weight and stopped at your mid thigh. You put on your nude nylons and wore your black ankle boots. The dress had long sleeves that you liked hiding your hands in. You wore your hair down but it looked a little messy, you combed your fingers through it but that was about it. You walked out of the house and to your car. You memorized the address and drove to Chanyeol's house. The place had so many cars hanging around. You looked around nervous already. You sighed, "Come on Y/n it's a party." You said to yourself. You parked your car and walked up to the door. You tried to move quick before the fear of it all made you chicken out and leave. You knocked on the door but you could hear music. You were hesitant but you opened the door by yourself and walked in to see a lot of bodies dancing to music, they had red cups and some had bottles of alcohol. You walked in cautiously, feeling as if you were in a different world. Kyungsoo actually came to parties like this? Chanyeol and those other two boys actually had parties like this? You didn't know what to expect but you also didn't know it would be like this. "Y/n!" You heard a voice shout. You looked around and happened to see Chanyeol trying to squeeze between two other people and he ran up to you excited. He grabbed your hands and your eyes got wide at how happy he was to see you. "I'm so glad you came Kyungsoo said you might not." He said. "Uh, yeah. C-Chanyeol there a lot of people in here." You said. He nodded like that wasn't a problem. "Come on I'll show you where the others are, we were playing a game." He said. He pulled you along through the crowd happily. You looked around at the different faces, you wondered if they went to the college, you didn't pay attention to many people that went there. Right now everything just felt so strange. This night better be worth it...
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