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Last fall, over 3 million people were brought to tears by the movie Koizora. The original story of Koizora, by the author Mika, was popularized on the cell phone novel site, Mahou no Land, and since then has been turned into a novel, a movie, and now a drama. The highly popular movie will be turned into a drama, which follows the life of a normal higschool girl who experiences many unbelievably sad events, but through it all proving that love conquers all, and this true love story remains unchanged from the movie. Not only does it simply portray the first love of the highschoolers, it shows the warmth from the family, the importance of life, the bonds with friends, and the common happenings of teens, and through it all Mika and Hiro's love story gets unwound.
it did make me cry, very good series! shows you what true love can do but also take. sad that it ended the way it did, what you call fate....'(
omg I seriously cried buckets watching this...like damn that was some true love..and it shows u really can't judge a guy from the outside :(