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this relationship is 😍. you must not want me alive for Friday
9 months ago·Reply
LOL! You can make it! 😂😂
9 months ago
oh my goodness these 2 are perfect for each other
9 months ago·Reply
This is quickly becoming my OTP...it like one of those things that's always been in your head but one day it just hits you and then you can't turn back.
9 months ago·Reply
Haha yes! I know exactly what you mean 😂
9 months ago
I ship the SoBi... No doubt about it... These boys are all so cute with each other... All 7 boys have such cute bromances with each other... They love each other very much and it is obvious to everyone how much they all care for each other... Like dear close brothers... Too cute...
8 months ago·Reply
Aww very true. 😊😊
8 months ago