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This week's Genre is K-Indie!
So a lot of K-Indie groups don't have a lot of information out there about them. So I apologize in advance for the lack of information about them. But I'd like to get the groups attention anyways!
Group Name: Dalmoon/OKDAL
Debuted: 2010
Latest Comeback: 2016
They collaborated with VIXX in 2013 with the song/MV Girls, Why?
To further support this group subscribe to their YouTube Channel here.
Members: (2)
Kim Yoon Ju is on the left and Park Sejin is on the right.

Yoonju is married to 10cm's (a fellow Indie artist) Kwon Jungyeol.

To see more pictures of them follow them on Instagram.

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I love your cards!!! so many lovely groups ahhh
Thanks so much!!!