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[Boy Meets Evil and Lie Mashup|]

The video or the link for the video above is a Mashup of Hobi and Jimin songs, Boy Meets Evil and Lie combined. I really like how the creator of the Mashup put it together. To where I came up with the idea. What I did was try and make my style of art(been working on for awhile) after that I took the lyrics from both songs I created a poem in a sense.
This is what I came up with.

Tell me with your sweet smile
That this love is another name for the devil
Get away from me
As my breath shortens
I close my eyes in hope someone will
Save me, save me
From this hell,
Surrounded by land mines
Surrounded by people's stares
Surrounded in this LIE

I can't free myself
I'm addicted to your sweetness
From the greed
The light of my future is dimming
Because of my childish love
I lost my way

You tell me you want me
But who lost thier way?
I threw away my future for you
I was drunken on those sweet lips of yours

Too bad
I'm the same person deep inside
You are just too EVIL
Creating this big LIE
It's starting to swallow me up

I shout, but you. turn away from me
You are too SWEET
You are too EVIL
You are a LIE.

Hope you all like it.
photo below show my progress throughout the day.