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Hoya Wednesday
Hello Inspirits! It's Melissa with Hoya Wednesday! For this week's theme, I'll be creating short scenarios with Hoya.
You and Hoya are taking a walk in the park. When you run into someone giving away puppies. Hoya: Oh how cute these puppies are! He picks one up and starts kisses it. He fell instantly in love with the puppy. You ask the owner if you can have it? After agreeing, you tell Hoya the goods news.
You were getting ready to go out with your boyfriend Hoya. He was waiting for you finish getting ready. He was wondering what plans you got planned for them. The doorbell rings. He asks who is it, as you go answer the door. You turn around and let him know you both are going on a double date with your best friend and her boyfriend. Hoya reaction was priceless. He let out a silent NO!!!
Hoya asks to meet him at the beach. When you get there, Hoya was already waiting for. You greeted him. He starts to fidget around like he has something to say, but doesn't know how to say it. What the problem Hoya? you finally asked him. He looks at you and says, I think we should break up.

Well that's all for Hoya Wednesday. I hope you like my Hoya scenarios. Which one you like the most?

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Perfect melissa!!!! I loved these
9 months agoยทReply
@LemonLassie Thank you!! โค
9 months agoยทReply
The last one is so sad! He must have really hated that double date!
9 months agoยทReply
@Helixx Right! ๐Ÿ˜‚
9 months agoยทReply