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so as many of you may know (24k community ) I had written that my Ultimate bias was Rap Monster
look at him I still love him but there is ONE BOY OUT FOR MY HEART!!
now some of you may be wondering who it is...
I still love rap monster he is still top 5 in my list LISA, CL, and I.M following (not in that order tho)
I'm so sorry Joonie I still love you tho!
look at happy Cory
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I think that tends to happen, especially when you become a moderator for a group's community. Your UB is bound to change. My UB was Monsta X Shownu but now its Sunwoo from Boys Republic πŸ˜†
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@kitkatkpop my first one was History Kyungil. I still bad when I see his picture but Shownu came. so I understand how you are feeling
@MelissaGarza and then there's me, as K-Pop mod EVERYONE is my UB πŸ˜‚