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Hey fam!^^
So since it has been a bit, I thought that I would post a short oneshot as a thanks for waiting!
I mean...you might kill me but...I hope you enjoy it!! ;)
"What! No fair! You always get to choice where we eat!" Jin whined over at Namjoon. He rolled his eyes.

"Well I wouldn't have to if you didn't always pick the expensive places. I know you love food but damn... can't you have cheap tastes?" Namjoon retorted, making Jin pout knowing that he was right. Whenever he wanted something it was always extravagant.Β 

"I wouldn't be me without my high standards. I mean look at you!" Jin then placed his hand on Namjoon's left hand as his right hand was preoccupied with driving at that moment. "You are the definition of high quality. In everything." Jin winked as Namjoon laughed at this comment. Namjoon then clasped firmly onto Jin's hand, still smiling as the drove down the highway.

"Ah, what am I going to do with you..."Β 

They talked the rest of the way and headed to a place that Jin wanted to go, using reasonable prices. There were only a few minutes away from the restaurant when everything changed.

They had just stopped at a stoplight and they were weirdly the only ones in the area. They didn't notice that however as they easily accelerated when the light turned green. But when the honking and lights started to go, it was as if time had stopped.

A semi had ran onto Jin's side of the car and sent the car flying. It took it four seconds to land back on the ground, after it had flipped repeatedly.Β 

And when it finally did come to a halt, the car was upside down.

Namjoon started to open his eyes slowly and was shaking. He glanced all around and froze when seeing Jin. Blood was dripping from his forehead and he had gone limp.Β 

Panic setting in, Namjoon raced to unbuckle his seatbelt and quickly reached for Jins. It was only a few minutes before Namjoon was able to get him out, moving him very carefully.

Namjoon pulled Jin away from the car and tried his best to wake him up.

"J-Jin-ah," He called out softly. Namjoon's eyes started to water at his lack of response. "JIN! Please wake up..." He proceeded to shake his body slightly, trying to see if he could see his eyes to open one more time. Trying to remain calm, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.Β 

Minutes later, an ambulance siren could be heard from a few miles away. Namjoon was still trying his best to not break down. "E-everything is going to be okay. Help is on the way. Just hang on...please. God please..." At this time, he then reached for Jin's hand, holding it in both of his. He kissed it lightly and let a few of the tears fall.Β 

The ambulance came quickly to a halt and the paramedics ran out. They brought along a stretcher and grabbed Jin, placing him onto it. As they ran to the ambulance, Namjoon stopped for a second, remembering what he had planned tonight. He checked his left pocket and found that the box was still there. Sighing a little, he then ran after and hopped in, only whispering sweet words of encouragement to Jin and never letting go of his hand.


Namjoon waited in the room, pacing back and forth. It had been three hours since they had taken Jin into surgery. He had damage to the back of his brain and had broken multiple ribs. They were trying everything they could but the lack of updates was making him very anxious.

He pulled out the box for the fifth time and glanced down at the item inside. A ring.

Namjoon had planned this whole over-the-top proposal to his boyfriend of 4 years and was extremely nervous about his response. Of course, it was most likely a yes, but he couldn't help but think of the possibility of him saying no and that is what terrified him. He couldn't live without him at this point as he was his second half. His soulmate.Β 

He closed the box gently and placed it back in his pocket, continuing to move around the wait room. And finally, after waiting for what seemed like forever, the door opened.

Namjoon's head never had whipped around so fast to the sound of a door but he was so eager to know. To see him.

The doctor headed towards Namjoon, slowly taking off his gloves while doing so.

"How did it go?" Namjoon asked, practically jumping him as he came out. The doctor smiled in response.

"It went great. He is in recovery right now but we were able to stop the bleeding and fix the damage before it could get any worse. He is resting now, but you are more than welcome to go in and check on him. He is in Room 238." Before the doctor could even finish, he ran to find the number. Room by room, he glanced only looking for his Jin.

And after a few minutes, he finally found the number. He stopped outside the door and took a deep breath before going in. He then grabbed the handle and slid the door open gently.
Locking behind him, Namjoon left the entrance of the room and headed to the bed.

He almost cried at the sight of him sleeping, breathing. He had a white bandage wrapped around the top of his head and some around his hands. His eyes were closed, his breathing normal.

Namjoon went and sat at the chair next to the bed, immediately grabbing his hand.Β 

"Thank god. Thank you," He whispered to no one in particular and started to cry once more. He was so worried and panicked that he didn't really even have time to cry. But now, that he was safe, it was like he finally came undone. He couldn't hold back as he held Jin's hand tightly and let the tears roll down his cheeks.Β 

And at the sound of this Namjoon felt a twitch in Jin's hand, making him look up in surprise. Mouth open, he noticed that Jin started to stir in his sleep and his eyes fluttered open.Β 

Namjoon bolted up, getting closer to the bed, still holding onto Jin's hand as he sniffled and wiped at his eyes.Β 

"Jin?" He whispered. Jin looked over at Namjoon and his eyes suddenly widened. He quickly removed his hand from Namjoon's and sat up. Confused, Namjoon didn't say anything. Jin looked at him apprehensively and Namjoon instantly became worried.

"Jin...Are you okay? Should I-" And then Jin cut him off, leaving Namjoon speechless and scared at his words.

"S-Sorry but...Who are you?"


Don't kill me...

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me too me too please tag me for one shots!!! okay omg I can't believe. it was so cute then turned and ahh wasn't expecting him not to remember Joonie 😭😭😭. it okay, I get over the feels. lol
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so* πŸ˜‚
ohhemmgeeee!!..tag me tag me too please.. need the next part haha..thank you πŸ˜™πŸ˜„
It was actually only a one shot but after so many people liking it I might do a second part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I will tag you if i do!πŸ˜„
god dang it ;-; my life, tag me please!!!!
Sure! πŸ˜„
I'm kinda glad it cut off..Jin died didn't he...☹️
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Ok I'll do that
LOLOL. Because I can πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
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