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All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! This week in celebrity news… DMTN‘s Choi Daniel and gamer Cha No Ah received their different sentences for their individual marijuana charges on the same day. U-KISS‘ Dong Ho announced that he was leaving the group to become a normal citizen a few weeks before their Korean album is set to drop. Congratulations to Sunye who is now a mother to a baby girl! G-Dragon and Clara were dancing together at a club? It’s kind of hard to tell. The reporter who started the Suzy and Sung Joon rumors gives an eyewitness account. Are they dating? Yoo Seung Ho is growing up into a man while in the military and it just makes me so sad. 2PM‘s Taecyeon is busy being an actor but he also launched his OKCAT business! You can get exclusive items at the Soompi Shop! After being excused from a few court appearances because of her pregnancy, actress Park Shi Yeon went to court, not too long after giving birth. It was reported that actress Lee Da Hee is dating her agency’s CEO, but they deny it. Those nasty netizens who said incredibly rude things about Baek Ji Young‘s miscarriage apologizes…after being sued and outed. Figures. Self-proclaimed “Prince of Asia” Jang Geun Suk gave a generous donation to a good cause. Im Tae Kyung and Jouet of “Immortal Song 2” are dating. Soompiers are like, “Who?” Here is a list of the current rumors that people in the know are gossiping about. No names are given but do you think you can figure who they are talking about?The fashion pictorial of the week goes to T.O.P for being ridiculously handsome. Seriously, those eyes! Noona likes. Next…So what if I’m biased? The music video of the week goes to Jung In‘s “Autumn Man“ starring her man Jo Jung Chi because by now you should know how much I adore this couple. Other notable music videos: 2PM – “Winter Games” Nine Muses - “Gun” Shin Ji Hoon – “Right There” Block B – “Very Good” Dance Version Monday Kiz – “You” Park Ji Yoon – “Mr. Lee” Kim Bo Hyung – “Crazy Girl” Moon Myung Jin – “Listen” BESTie – “Love Option” Timber – “3 Days” In other music news, EXO is really, really close to selling a million copies of “XOXO.” Does it count that they’re including the repackaged album? I don’t know, but it is quite a feat. Expand your music repertoire! Check out this month’s underrated artist releases. Brown Eyed Soul will celebrate 10 years of making beautiful music with a commemorative album and concert. Topp Dogg, the new Stardom Entertainment boy group, introduced all thirteen of their members. The SNS photo of the week goes to Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and some really famous Hollywood actor. I don’t get jealous often, but I was jealous. Also, 2NE1‘s Sandara sent a very sweet message to a fan. Next…What’s almost as good as watching the episode? The Soompi recaps! Soompi has our very own “The Heirs” recap! Don’t forget to go through the forum thread to see what people are saying about the most recent episode. Also in dramas news. IU has decided in her next drama with “Beautiful Man” with Jang Geun Suk. This month has idols in some really big dramas. Know who is in where? “Empress Ki” stills hint at Ha Ji Won looking really great! Jung Il Woo will act with UEE in the upcoming drama “Golden Rainbow.” Lee Yeon Hee is thinking about starring in “Miss Korea.” Yoo In Na is pretty much set to join the “Lover From the Stars” (or “Man From the Stars“) cast. In variety news… The “Infinity Challenge” concert was a huge hit! 35,000 people went and Yoo Jae Suk had to apologize for being so awesome. Also in the news, A new variety program will have Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sistar’s Bora as two of the main cast members. Did you also vote in our poll? Bora and actor Park Seo Joon will be the new MCs for “Music Bank.” EXO’s Chanyeol, ZE:A‘s Im Siwan and others will join the “Law of the Jungle” cast. Tablo and his adorable daughter Haru will join the “Superman Returns” show. Kim Dong Wan will not participate in “Shinhwa Broadcast” Season 2. Kangta will be a judge on a new dog survival show. Yes, a dog survival show. “SNL Korea” and “SNL” USA will swap cast members! This is going to be interesting! Of course I have to mention the “We Got Married” recaps which I will be writing right after this!