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No! I wanna sleep longer.I rolled over turning off my alarm and getting out of bed.i went across the hall to the bathroom starting the shower.Once the shower was hot enough I stepped in letting the water wake me up.I felt awake and began doing my shower routine.i turned off the water wrapping a towel around my body and headed back to my room. I grabbed my phone checking the time to see a text from Simon. You know the usual good morning texts. Anyways I tossed my phone back on to my bed and got dressed for work.
I am starving. I headed to the kitchen noticing Jay must still be asleep.Must be working late again. Boy is all about his grind.If he was able to stay awake forever he would and just work. I quickly grabbed a snack since I can just grab something at work.I went to put my shoes on and stopped by Jay's voice. "Morning Ash." "Good morning Jay." "You headed to work?" "Yeah." "I'll take you." "Ok." Jay and I went to the parking garage getting into his car.As he drove towards the café he went on about work and schedules.Its too early for me!! "When do you have Korean Classes?" "Wednesdays and Fridays." "Ok. We are going to start getting prepared for concerts in Seoul and Busan." "Ok.Sounds good. Can you text me the times?"I asked as we pulled up to the cafe. "Yeah."
I got out the car thanking him for driving me and headed inside.I walked to the back saying Hi to JeHan.I put my stuff away,putting in my work shirt and went to help him make some of the food to set out. "Jay drop you off?" "Yeah and just talking about schedules." "Dang.Well I think they might come in later and have a meeting." "Really?" "Yeah.Wait does Jay even know about you and Simon?"He asked. "No and it's going to stay that way.I don't need him telling me I'm getting distracted by dating." "I don't think he'll act that way." "He will that's the thing.He already told me not to make myself too busy or distracted when it's time for me to actually start my dance career." "Well good luck. On keeping your relationship quiet." "I think we are doing good.As long as I keep my phone out of his site when I get a text." "What would Marricke say about this?" "I haven't even told her yet,but she might agree with me hiding it for now." "Hiding what?" We turned to see Jade.She is actually in my Korean classes and she needed a job so I asked Jay and he said it was cool. "Girl you already know." "We all know."Said JeHan. "This is a bad place to even talk about this.They can walk in any moment." "True true." "New topic.Anyone hungry?"JeHan asked. "Me." "Same."Jade said heading to a table already. JeHan grabbed us some food and we ate before we opened the cafe.
Jay POV "Usual?"JeHan asked as I walked in with the rest of AOMG. "Yes." We all headed to the table where we meet sitting down about to get down to business.Ashley came in with Je setting our waters down in front of us and something just seemed to catch my eye.Did Simon and her share a long smile? No I must be tired from staying up. "Anyways.I was thinking we can do a few shows in Seoul,head to Busan,and maybe one in Jeju?" "Vacation in Jeju sounds dope."Duck said after taking a sip of his water. "We can do Jeju last and spend a couple days there." "I like it.What about overseas?" "That I haven't decided on yet. We can wait like a month or so after then go overseas." The food came in and I swear I keep seeing things.Ashley hands Simon his food and lightly grazes her hand.Am I just making things more than it is? Ugh I need to sleep when I get home. She came over setting mine down and went back to work. Oh I still need to text her practice times. "When will this all happen?"Loco asked. "I wanna say in a month. Depending on how the practices go." "Alright alright."
After lunch we headed back to the studio and began working but the crew agreed I need to just take a break and relax so that's what I'm doing. I'm at home relaxing watching some tv. Might take a nap too.Its only 6pm. I began closing my eyes only to hear Ashley walking out of her room. "Where you off to?"I asked. "Jade and I are just going out." "Ok.Cool.Have fun." I laid back down closing my eyes hearing her leave. Back to my nap. I slowly drifted off starting to dream only to have a dream I don't want. Why am I having a dream about Simon and Ashley? Maybe after today I was just making things up and my head is messing with me. What if he is interested in her? Nah. I'll just call and ask. I grabbed my phone finding Simons number and called. "Oh Jay.Whats up?" "Honestly something has been bothering me.I decided to call you up and ask.By any chance you have any interest in Ashley??" "No.I already know how close you two are and she is hear to work. Why would something like that bother you?" "Umm no reason." "Simon."I heard a girl say. "Who's that?"I asked.
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