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Shinhwa‘s Shin Hye Sung revealed his bachelor home to the cast of “Barefoot Friends.” On the upcoming October 20 episode of the SBS variety show “Barefoot Friends,” the fixed cast members brought homemade food to the singer’s home.The current concept of the show is “homemade food.” The cast members learn about homemade from from celebrities who are famous for their culinary tastes and bring the food to another celebrity who lives alone. For this episode, Shin Hye Sung was the lonely single celebrity. The cast members were impressed by Shin Hye Sung’s home but didn’t get too excited until they found a hairpin, presumably a woman’s. Shin Hye Sung defended himself by saying, “I have no idea how that got here. Please don’t make a big deal out of it.” However, when the cast members found a microphone near his bed they teased him by claiming that, “he sings for a woman, even here.”
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