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Actress Lee So Yeon invited some of her celebrity friends to be special guest on the popular MBC variety show “We Got Married.” On October 18 the actress shared a photo on her Twitter and wrote, “Thanks to you I had an unforgettably happy time… those people who were willing to come despite their business… thank you so much.” In the picture Lee So Yeon is sitting next to her virtual husband, pianist Yoon Han, along with actors Bae Soo Bin, Park Ha Sun, and Oh Yoon Ah. They cheerfully pose with their V-signs in a brightly lit room with a delicious looking table spread. Lee So Yeon has worked with her actor friends in various drama. She was in the drama “Temptation of an Angel” with Bae Soo Bin, “Dong Yi” with Park Ha Sun, and “Why did You Come to My House” with Oh Yoon Ah. It looks like these actors will be making a cameo on “We Got Married” and perhaps we will be able to see what they talked about in the upcoming episode that airs Saturday night. Meanwhile, you are reading the “We Got Married” recaps, right?