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Que tal peeps!
This is a sample of something I'm working on. I'm wanting to combine poetry my first love with fanfiction. This song by Yuna Unrequited Love is what inspired me. I love writing just smut, but I consider yall fam so I thought I would expose yall to my true writing style.

Unrequited: (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded.



Check out her song....

Jump Jump Jump
I dive right in allowing the liquid shards to scrape away the veil from my ignorant eyes.
Exposing me to this moonlight truth that blasts a hole of shame into my tender heart.
I want the heavy waters to over take me and fill my lungs so I will only
Ignorance is bliss
But wouldn't death be sweeter?

I blink my eyes and realize that people are staring at me and the bottle of soda I had was wasted on the floor still fizzing. I had no idea how far gone I was. I pushed out a smile and then ran out the convienience store. My feets burning as my lungs feel like they were on fire. Finally I made it to my small apartment and sat on the bed.

The same bed we made love on...were I poured all of me into him...I gave him my Kim Namjoon...

I ignored my bleeding bare feet. I guess I left my shoes at home next to my sane mind. I have fallen in a deep hole and Namjoon stole my spirit. That sweet bastard robbed me or myself.

I replay walking in on him fucking that bitch from the Art club. I remember his dumbass face when I walked in. It was here! Here in this bed that once was our bed.

How dare you let her take you away from me?! But maybe you were already long gone. Not even mine to have....unrequited love...

Huge tears feel from my face. They filled the room. I could feel the waves coming in fast to take me away. I wanna drown. Take me please.

I turn to the small night stand and down sleeping pills. Then I begin trashing my room calling out his name! How dare he blame curiosity for his act! How dare he continue plowing that bitch as I stood frozen. Dead to the touch! Burn Burn...

Suddenly the waves came and swept me into darkness. Where am I? This place is cold...silent. I'm alone. I call to my spirit that Kim Namjoon stole. But my voice is gone along with my will. She never returns...
Suddenly I feel a warm touch calling me back to shore. The voice of an angel...Is this death?

"Noona?! Wake up!" Jungkook yelled.

"Shit call the police. I think she is dead." Yoongi said.

I slowly opened up my eyes. The sunlight burned them. My vision came and I was surrounded by 6 angels and 1 demon.
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thanks. I'm gonna make different parts as the story unfolds. i just hope this isn't too deep for my peeps! Basically I hope they will give it a chance like you did.
a year ago·Reply
@amobts It wasn't too deep for me. I like reading stories & poems that plays with my emotions😊(but some parts hit home just a bit)
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a year ago
oooooo plz tag me Ive never read something like this it's so unique ❤
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@amobts lol I already did like 2 minutes ago 😂 and I liked it
a year ago
This actually gave me goosebumps. It's so well written! Could you also please tag me when newer parts come out? (:
10 months ago·Reply
Sure. A new one will be out soon. Part 2 is out.
10 months ago
oh my gosh...angst.....angst everywhere lol
10 months ago·Reply
Lol wow I didn't even notice it lol!
10 months ago