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I feel so fake tho lol I use the hate the crap out of Naruto XD I was that type of guy "Dbz will always be better than Naruto" or "Dbz is the only awesome Anime out there" yeah ummm I regret saying those things LOL cause Naruto is FREAKEN Awesome! and I've also explored a lot of Anime out there that I have fallen in love with lol but that's for another time x)
before I started watching anime, my older sister kept on trying to get me to watch. But I didn't want to because she was totally anti social and weird . . . Eventually while she was watching Fairy Tail on the TV and I had nothing to watch on so I watched a few minutes, then i found myself watching it on my phone non stop.
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@ErzaScarlet56 I feel you lol
I know what you mean.. I use to always hate on Naruto, but fell in love out of no where xP haha