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I want to do a Bleach birthday shout out to Vinglers who's Birthday's fall on that of a Bleach character, it's not a "new" idea but I thought it'd be a little fun anyway :3
this however requires some vinglers to let me know when they're birthdays are and if they land on a Bleach characters day.
Secondly because of some vinglers who have blocked me or are feeling jaded by my actions
I would like a conversation with any and all Vingle members willing to participate. Of course you can pick where we chat I may not have ALL social media accounts but I can make one or an account on a platform in which you wish the conversation to take place :3
It can be about anything so let your mind wonder on those possibilities (I'll answer as truthfully as possible naturally)
I don't exactly have any "ideas" to post about when it comes to Bleach games or ideas it's really hard to think up new stuff on the fly and contest are impossible as I don't have anything to give away xD so if you'd like something like that unfortunately it's gonna be awhile Dx

So I was going to post more things about the literal game of Bleach that is Brave Souls (lol went from Dark to Brave xD)

This will result in post about cool pulls or stuff in general about the game, and if anyone needs any help you can come to me (course if you've played as long as I have you'd already know everything about the game anyhow xD)
Well I can't wait to get talking to you guys :D whether in the comment section of this card or the platform of your choice let's get talking I'd love to know how things are going for you awesome Vinglers out there and what you're looking forward to
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do you know any bleach characters that are born in may?
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thank youu