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A Jay Park Short Smut Story.


~Warning ... Smut Story. Dont get caught and enjoy~

Simon POV

Jay’s arms widened as he pointed to the mansion and the pool. Darla, as I understood, came from a humble beginning. I could understand how a quiet girl such as herself might felt overwhelmed. Still, with a body like she had, it seemed to me that she knew what cards she was playing.

“I’m so sorry,”

Jen said as she moved over to Jay. With her nearly naked frame, she wrapped herself around him. He embraced her back in a grasp that made me feel queasy. Jen seemed to be playing another game with Jay.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that she had helped Darla disappear.

“Let’s go inside so that I can get you some ice,”

Lydia said to Jay. With that, they walked toward the house. Just before entering the doorway, Lydia shot me a look that made my dick hard.


In order to keep compliant with our agreement, Simon and I spared no time appearing that our sibling affection had grown. The day following Darla’s vanishing, we shared a horse together, riding bareback down the path.

I looked above to see that the sun was blocked by an onslaught of gray clouds.

“It’s getting quite stormy,” I said to Simon.
“The cold fronts are mixing with the warm, Thunder will soon sound.”

I could hear the smugness behind Simon’s tone. He always tried to spew the little amount he knew about science, politics, and more just to prove that he was eclectic. I resisted the temptation to put him in his place.

“So sad to see Jay like that,” I added. “Spare me,”

Simon said with an emotionless tone. I took offense to his demeanor.

“Explain,” I demanded tersely.
“I bet your are tingling between your legs with excitement now that your competition is out of the way.” “Competition? Darla was hardly that.”
“So now it’s okay to speak ill of her.” “It’s not like she’s dead, Simon,” I retorted.
“Still,” he warned. “You’ve got to be careful that they don’t discover the two of you.”
“I could say the very same to you, brother,” I reminded him.

Simon was clearly trying to get ahead in our discussion. While I would allow him to spew some of his mindless drivel, I wouldn’t permit him to find a higher platform.

“You are incorrigible,”

Simon looked back at me with a glare.
“Furthermore, you don’t frighten me, sister.”
“I wasn’t attempting to scare you, Simon,” I replied. “But I know that father was.”
“How do you mean?”

Simon asked while obviously attempting conceal his worry at this new piece of information.

“Yesterday, His display toward Jay was likely to show you who is the man of the house.”
“Hardly!” Simon scoffed.
“I’m serious, He wanted to show that he was stronger than Jay.”
“What does that have to do with me?”
“Jay is a built man, Simon. I’m afraid that I can’t say that you compare to him in strength.”
“Fuck you!”

Simon yelled. I could see that I was finally drumming a nerve.

“Get as angry with me as you’d like, brother,”

I concluded.

“However, this wasn’t just about our father’s quick temper. He may seem out of the loop on social connections in which he isn’t directly involved, but that is hardly the case.”
“So do you think that he knows about you and Jay?”
“Don’t try to play that one on me.” “No, Jen, don’t you try to play this on me,”

Simon scolded.

“I know how manipulative you are when you want something. And you always want something. Especially if you’ve been told that you aren’t allowed to have it. Jay is just another pawn in the great chess board of Jen Monroe.”
“I’m so glad that my brother can attack my character with such ease, You’re a piece of work, Simon.” “We’re cut from the same cloth,” he replied. “Don’t you remember?” “Let’s go back to pretending that we enjoy each other’s company,”

I said in an attempt to diffuse the unfolding situation.

“We have a week left and I’d rather not end it with me remembering why I despise you.”

Simon agreed on each level. I could hear the stuffy sound of his arrogant thoughts coming out in just that one word. As soon as I went to take a deep breath to forget about all of this, Simon yelled.

“Holy fuck!”
“You’re going to spook the horse!”

I screamed as our ride began bucking her head.

“What are you freaking–“
“Shut up, Jen.”
“No, Simon, you are–“
“I think I’m going to be sick,” he said.
“Come now, what are you–“

I couldn’t finish my sentence. Suddenly, I saw what caused my brother to stumble off of the horse and rush away from the trail. I grabbed onto the hanging reins just in time to hold myself back from screaming.

Laying face up in a riding outfit away from the dirt trail was Darla’s fly covered corpse.
Simon POV

We quickly sprinted on our way back from finding Darla. When we arrived at the stables, I rushed to call the emergency services.

“We can’t tell anyone,” Jen said. “Why the fuck not?” I yelled.
“Keep your voice down, We don’t know how she died, but we need to know before we go to the services.” “You had something to do with this, didn’t you?”
“Fuck off,”

Jen glared at me.

“Do you really think that I would kill a girl?”
“You’ve done some pretty awful things,”

I reminded her.

“If you are in any way an angel, you’d be an angel of death.”
“I love you, too, brother,”

She muttered.

“However, what I’m afraid of is who did kill her.”
“I think you’re up to something,”

I said pulling out my phone.

“I’m not about to wait and hear that you and Jay killed her together during some drug-fueled outdoor sex party.” “Put the goddamn phone down you stupid fuck,”

Jen said as she swung her hands toward me. I gripped the device, however, she hit it so hard that it fell, and cracked on the pavement.

“Are you fucking–“

My frustration was building.

“We have worse problems,”

Jen said grabbing my wrist.

“If you call the police, I will leak what evidence I have against you.” “Then you know I’ll do the same,” I said carefully. “Why would you threaten this?”
“I’m telling you, Simon,” she said. “You need to trust me or we’re all going down in flames.”
“If I have no choice, then at least tell me the plan.”
“Javier will be on duty tonight, I’ll pay him a visit and see if the camera’s caught anything.”

I started to panic.
“The cameras! They could have seen us!”

Jen said as she casually took the reins off of the horse.

“There aren’t cameras along that part of the path.”
“Are you sure?”
“Absolutely, why do you think that I’m worried over where we found her?”

She said as she let the horse back in the corral.

“Now, have a good night and remember to shut the fuck up about all of this.”

As much as I didn’t want to trust my sister, I was caught between a rock and a hard place. Though I went along with it, a checkmate the last thing I was willing to allow my sister to have.
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