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He is very healthy right now. My baby is adorable and to know he's getting hate for not having abs? like who cares I miss my happy virus and he's trying to be happy and not worry us but he is by not telling us. He's already said he cries a lot by himself I can't help but believe that sometimes it because of "fans".
A Chinese fan had this to say to other fans.
then my friend sends me this so. I flipped my baby doesn't deserve this. You don't have to like EXO but don't do the same shit that you hate when it comes to your favorite groups. Be respectful because you don't know these ppl.
I will always love, respect, and be there for my babies. They need us more than ever. Being an Idol is not easy and its hard to be mentally healthy with fans being over crazy and dissing them. Haters make them famous but also hurt them the most.
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Please need to shut the hell up. It makes me happy to know he's eating. When he got abs he looked so skinny I was worried. People forget that idols are human and have feeling and see the bs they post. Makes me sad.