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Que tal peeps!

As I look up I see Jimin, Kookie, Tae, Jin, Hobi, and Jin. I begin to smile as Kookie crushes me with a warm hug. Then I look up and see that demon....the one who stole my simple soul....Kim Namjoon.

The room once filled with amber warmth and beating hearts.
Now full of cold sharp waves
Cutting me deep...

Those cold eyes looking at me. I jump up and run towards Namjoon. I'm screaming. We fall to the floor like crashing waves. I ball up my small fists and pound on his chest as hard as he was pounding that itch. Then I punch his perfect handsome face.

"You bastard! You did this to me! Give me back me!" I scream as hot liquid shards drown my face.

Yoongi tries to pull me off Namjoon but I push him away. Finally Yoongi and Tae lifts me off Namjoon. I'm kicking like a pissed off toddler. Namjoon stands up with a bruised face.

"I told you that bitch is crazy. Let her drown in her pitty." He mummbles then walks out the room.

"Namjoon!" Jimin yells after him.
"Forget him. He is an asshole for that!" Jin says.

Each day is like a weight laced on your ankles...on your soul.
I look for the key but he is the one who holds it.
Who gave you permission to weigh me down?
Who permitted this evil to loom over me?
Even when I look at my's an outline of him.
Who am I?

A month has passed by since I tried to allow the crashing waves to take me under in it's cold murky embrace. I remember the pills was vehicle to my slow pathetic vacation of asphyxiation.

I was in the cafe with Yoongi. He ordered us some warm drinks. I don't remember what flavor. I couldn't taste anything due to the permanent flavor of sleeping pills and cheap gin staining my mouth. I pulled at my oversized black hoodie. I tried to push out a smile but that was a fail.

"I haven't seen you at the local for poetry slam anymore. You barely return our phone calls." Yoongi said.

"Well you know things get old and life..." I trail off realizing I don't make any sense.

"Well you are scaring us y/n especially Kookie." Yoongi said.

"Well Yoongi I apologize. I will make time to call in between the 3 times I attempt to kill myself." I roll my eyes.

Silence falls like a deaf black cloud.
I can almost hear the waves in the distance.
Calling my name.
Then mocking me...

I'm lost in my sick thoughts until I feel warmth surrounding my hand. Yoongi squeezes my hand and looks me dead in the eyes.

"Namjoon is an asshole. He doesn't even know what a huge mistake he made. He couldn't handle a good woman like you. Don't waste your precious love on that jerk."

I gasp as he tighten his grip. Yoongi was known to be somewhat distance. I knew what he was saying was from the heart, since all the years I've known him he has never spoke like this.

"Yoongi....thank you but..."

"I want to make you forget. I've been sitting back and watching you from afar for too long." He said with out blinking.

Wait...I thought I was the sick and lost one here. I want to trust him but what can a woman without any spirit give him?

"Yoongi...I don't know what to say. Are you insane? Look at me!"

"I am looking at you. I see you. Let me love you."

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