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Might be giving up on Vingle

Well I might be giving up because I don't know if anyone actually reads my Oneshots anymore. My audience just seems to get smaller and smaller and I don't know what I'm doing wrong honestly. Now I do have a good number of Oneshots, and I have been here with Vingle for a year and two months plus counting, but I just seem to not be able to make any friends or promote my stories well enough here. I'll give Vingle one more month and if I feel like I'm getting nowhere I'll delete/deactivate my account.
Like at this point I don't know if it's because I wasn't really popular to began with and that's why my stories aren't getting much attention and I seem to not being making friends as easily or if it because nobody seems to actually like my content or something.
Part of the problem may be issues with the Vingle app. I know that it is still preventing me from using Vingle much because ever since it was revamped I can't post cards and can't even read most cards in their entirety (it literally cuts off anything longer than one or two screen-lengths on my phone).
I'd hate for you to leave! That is really stressful that you are having a hard time and that things are not going well but Ive been a reader of yours for a while though I've never commented on your stuff I always read it and put it in my collections. I started following writing after the one short you wrote for Okasian because I finally found someone who seemed to love him as much as I do.
You know is honestly still a bop, but I never realized. I always assumed nobody liked my work because I got such little likes or feedback on my work.
I do sincerely apologize for following but not showing you how much I liked your work. It is hard...sure we are writers and we write because that's what we love but feedback and likes keep us encouraged. Our writing is our babies that we choose to share and its hard to keep wanting to share when their is no real sign of feedback. As a fellow writer I understand that. I hate that you thought no one liked your work. That feeling sucks but don't throw the towel in just in. Im here if you need anything and I'll continue to support you and your work
Don't make new friends. stick with ur friends u have now. That's what I'm doing.
True stefani but I always like to meet new people, you know that was one good trait about me.
YAH!! i would miss you too much....
Awwww *hugs* im here
I wuv you ;-;
I wuv you too