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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Dava Pov)~

"Miss Reyes!"

I sighed heavily as my assistant follow me down the hallway. I was almost free from the main sources of my headache and was about to get something to eat. Yet my team couldn't seem to live without me for a damn second. I turn around to face my assistant, whilst running my fingers through my hair. She stop in front of me whilst panting heavily.

"I'm so sorry about this. I know you are about to go to lunch, but someone claiming to be you're best friend came in, asking for you." I raised an eyebrow at the woman before me and crossed my arms. I follow my assistant back to the front desk, to see Adina standing at the desk. She was leaning against the counter of the front reception desk.

She was a plus-size model so she was always looking her best, with her long curly dyed-red hair down, and wearing a one of a kind sun-dress. "Hey hey Dava! Heard you were getting ready to head out for lunch. Would you like some company?" I gave Adina a smile as I waved for her to follow me.

I took her with me to a local cafe that was perfectly located a block behind my business. We took out seats by the window after getting food and smoothies. "So what brings you down to my neck of the woods. I thought your modeling gig was in the next town over." I said before taking a sip from my health booster smoothie.

"It was actually, but I got lucky and finish earlier than expected. To be honest though I do have an ulterior motive for coming to see you." I arched an eyebrows, as she gave me a sly smile. "You see my boyfriend ask me to help him find a wedding planner. He the best man, and wants to help his friend plan."

I slap my forehead softly, making Adina laugh at my reaction. "Please? You'll get paid. I know he's good for it cause well they are well loved artists." I closed my eyes for a moment while I gave a heavily sigh. "Have him call my office, I'll give him our rates. Plus I need to meet either the groom or bride."

Adina was trying to pull strings like always, but this was the first time she pulled the ones connected to me. She knew very well I was the boss of one the best wedding planner companies in Busan. So she knew she was getting her boyfriend the best. "Won't be hard. Actually the groom is here already visiting his family."

I sat up straight a bit surprised as she pulled out her phone. "Actually that place right there." She pointed to the competition cafe across the street. "That belongs to his family too." I just blinked whilst she put the phone to her ear. "Hey bae, you with your friend?"

Sometimes Adina had to be a fox, with how damn sly and cunning she could become. I just ate my food as she spoke on the phone. I was almost finished when she finally hung up the call. "Are you in any rush to get back to work? It seem before you were trying to run away quietly."

I just gave her one of my 'I am so fucking judging you're sly ass' looks, making her grin big. "They're on their way?" She just nodded her head, as I finished my food before getting up. "Then you can show them to my place of work. I can't stay out any longer. I have weddings to assign to the best planners I have. As well as money to collect and bills to pay."

Adina didn't argue and just hummed, as I waved at her, before leaving back to work. It didn't take long to get back, like always, and I simply snuck back into my office, before texting my assistant I had return. I was having a really bad headache from all the paper work, and assignments I had to handle. That I pulled a page from my best friend's playbook and try to be as sly about coming and going as possible. I lean back in my seat and rubbed my temple lightly to try to make it at least ease up.

"Wow you got here fast than I expected. I wanted to mess with you a bit." I looked up at Adina in the door way, and saw a man that was a bit taller than her. He had comb-back jet black hair, and fair skin. Very down-to-earth way of dressing as well.

"Seonghwa this is my best friend, Dava. She's the wedding planner I was telling you about." He walked over to my desk and extended his hand towards me. I didn't bother getting up, but I did show some respect by shaking his hand.

"Its nice to meet you Dava. When Adina told me she knew the best of the best planners in the Busan, I thought she was playing with me."

Adina puffed her cheeks and crossed her arms against her chest. I smirked at her getting all pouty as I waved for them to take a seat in front of my desk. "Well she a very cunning woman. She really does know anyone who's anyone. Like how she's dating the president of AOMG." I pointed him out, as he looked at me a bit shocked.

"Wait did Adina tell you already who she was dating?" I shook my head no as I looked down at my phone and try to find out who Seonghwa knew that was getting married. "You're famous in this country sweetheart. Did you think no one in Busan knew who you were, Mr. Call Me Gray." I teased him as I stubble across an article stating that Simon Dominic had proposed to his secret girlfriend of three years and only went public after becoming engaged.

I put my phone down on the desk to look at the two of them exchanging words. "If this is Mr. Jung wedding you are asking me to plan, I'll do it." They both looked at me surprised this time. I lean forward, rest my elbow on my desk, and my head on my hand. I gave them both a smirk as I glanced at Adina.

"You should of told me it was Simon Dominic wedding from the start, Adina. Every wedding planner has been secretly plotting ways of coo-ing that couple their way. Including myself, personally. After all I am Busan's number one planner, and he Busan's rap god. It won't fits, am I right?"

Seonghwa grinned as he sat up right, to face me. "Yeah they all have been sending him their rates, and the stress has gotten to the soon to be bride. So he asked me to help him plan so he could take the stress away from her." I nodded my head and sat up. "For Mr. Jung, I will give him our lowest rate, but plan like its our most expensive rate."

I laid out our brochure with out prices on my desk facing them. Seonghwa and Adina lean in as I pointed to the highest and lowest prices. "Yah, you'll be losing money by doing that, Dava." Adina spoke with concern as she looked up at me.

"In exchanged I will be gaining more business. This is why planners are blowing up their phones. Who ever gets to plan this wedding will be getting a shit load of business afterwards and amazingly good credibility added to their reputation. By doing this will ensure I mean business, and I do plan to give my best work. And like Gray mention before, this will be taking away a good ninety percent of the stress away from the bride and groom."

They were both looking up at me, giving me their full attention. A warm smile creep back along Seonghwa lips, before he turn to look at Adina. "Remind me to give you what ever you want tonight." Adina just giggled like a shy school girl, while Seonghwa looked back at me. "She said you needed to see at the very least the groom or bride, am I correct?"

I nodded my head yes as I lean back in my seat. "One or both at the very least needs to give their time, which will cause their ten percent of stress. But that's only cause I need to know them well enough to give them the dream wedding they both desire." Seonghwa got up whilst pulling out his phone, and went out to the hallway. I looked over at Adina, whom was squirming in her seat.


I just shook my head and smiled at her. "I swear sometime Adina I do fucking hate you." She gasped and turn cute on me. "Aw~ Dava that's the sweetest thing you have ever told me." I covered my mouth with my hand, to hold back the laugh she was creating.

Yet you could still hear a hint of it in my breathing. Seonghwa came back into the room, whilst putting the phone in his pocket. Adina and I both gave him our attention, making him give us a nervous smile. "What I miss?" Adina grinned big as she lean closer towards him. "She just told me the world's sweetest thing ever. My bestie really does love me."

I slapped my forehead while laughing at her. Seonghwa looked lost, but still had a huge smile along his lips. I waved for him to sit down again, which he didn't hesitate to do. "The groom is crossing the street and heading over. He said he needs to hear this for himself, because it sounds too good to be true."

I nodded my head as I got up from my desk. "Adina entertain you're boyfriend in a clean way, while I talk to my assistant for a moment." I headed out of the office, and went over to my assistant's office to go over some of the books with her for a moment. We checked how much of a lost we would be taking, and it seems we would still be in the green. I was basically waiting though for Adina to text me, which wasn't long.

Text from Miss Queenie Brat
'He's here... where did you go?'

I smirked, before giving my assistant a heads up that I would be taking one of her seats. She didn't seem to mind, as I brought it over to my office. Simon, Seonghwa and Adina turn to face me as I place the seat in front of Simon. "Please take a seat." I said as I bow to him, before going to sit back at my own desk.

Simon moved the seat to the middle, but Gray took it as Simon took Gray's old seat. I glared at Adina, while she just grin like a little girl. "Are you sure, I'm not secretly planning you're wedding Adina? The way you grinning there is a but stupid." She just blew me a kiss, as I waved it away, whilst smiling at her reaction.

"Oh yeah, you did warn you two have this love hate friendship going." Seonghwa said, as Simon chuckled at his comment, after finally understanding. "Seonghwa said you would be giving me the lowest rate possible but will actually be giving me the mores expensive service?" I nodded my head, before moving the brochure his way, so he could see the actual prices and what he would really be getting. Simon turn serious, before looking up at me.

"So it is true, I do agree with you though, I would love to have my hometown best working on my wedding. But will you be okay with dealing only with me. My wifey is under enough stress as it is from her job. Her girls have already planned her Bachorette party, so you won't have to worry about that."

I nodded my head as I rest my arms on the desk, whilst folding my hands together. "Okay, then I will help Gray here with your bachelor party, as well as you're wedding and honeymoon. Just give me a date, and we can go from there. I just hope you can provide me with enough information so we can make it the way the bride likes it as well."

Simon looked me over as he seem to be suppressing a laugh. I arched an eyebrow at him, before glancing over at Adina. "Yo hyung, what's wrong? This is one hell of a deal." Gray spoke up, before Simon burst out into laughter.

"I'm so not sorry, but its kind of hard to take you serious here. When you are dress down so much. Plus I never expected to be doing business with someone younger than me."

I was swearing dress pants, with a dressy top, but yes I was wearing a Victoria Secret pink zipper sweater, with the hood still on top of my head. I just shook my head as I sighed heavily.

"I have personally planned over 30 wedding since I open my business in 2012. Its 2017, and my company have planned the perfect wedding for over 2,000 couples. Not once have we been asked for a refund, or been cussed at about terrible services. I put my clients first, even if I have to put my medical degree into use to protect them. Mind you that only one of two degrees I have hanging behind you're head. If my appearance is the problem you don't want to due business then its best we don't."

The three of them looked at me a bit speechless, as Simon turn around to see my wall of degrees, honors, certification, and certificates. "Damn, wow you really are a boss." He turn towards me again, as a small smile appear across my lips. "Okay lets do business. I'll do my best to show you respect as a planner, since I know you will show me the same respect as your client. I'll have a talk with my wife to make sure I know what she wants. I will get back to you with a date as well."

I handed over my business card, which he happy took. I even gave one to Seonghwa as well. No need to give one to Adina since she was my best friend after all and had all ways of getting a hold of me. "I do have one condition though." I looked back at Simon whilst he store my card number into his phone.

"I want you to personally be my wedding planner. Will that be a problem?" He looked up at me, as it was my turn to give the smile. "Like I would let one of my other planners do this. You don't even have to ask, I am going to be your personal wedding planner. No one will do anything you don't want without you're and my own permission."

Simon stood up, as I got up as well. He extended his hand out to me and I shook it. "I look forward to seeing you're work." She smiled warmly at me as I return the same smile. "I'll give you 240%, Mr. Jung." He chuckled as I felt a bit smug now.

I had score the gig of a life time.

To put the credibility that I personal did Simon Dominic's wedding on my wall. was going to make me not only infamous in the planning community
but it will be putting my company on the top stop of the work...


This card was a speical post... to get everyone ready for Saturdays.
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