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Hey Blinkies ^^

The team came up with an awesome idea for a game in this upcoming holiday! How about you test your Blackpink skills and see if you can answer these questions? *they get harder*

Thanks to @MelissaGarza for coming up with these! she's the real mvp :D
+ Debut Date
+ Company
+ Lead Vocal
+ Face of the Group
+ Main Rapper

+ Lead Dancer's Stage Name
+ Main Dancer
+ Lead Rapper
+ Sub Vocal
+ Maknae: Stage Name
+ What was Blackpink's Debut Album Name?
+ What was Blackpink's Second Single Album Name?
+ What song was Blackpink's First Win?
+ How many times did Blackpink win with 'Whistle'?
+ How many times did Blackpink win with 'Playing With Fire'?
+ Which member is playing the guitar in the 'Stay' mv?
+ Which member says 'Blackpink in your area' in the 'Boombayah' mv?
+ Which member is standing on a dock in the 'Playing With Fire' mv?
+ Which member is floating in the air reading in the 'Whistle' mv?
+ What does Lisa's rap part "middle finger up f*** you pay me" get changed to in the censored live version?
And now for the prizes, which are the usual as always!
+ bias wallpaper
+ bias spam
+ bias one shot
+ bias journal set!
The prize goes to whoever can answer the most questions correctly~ and the last day to participate is March 17th so take your time with answering Blinkies!

Please make sure to tag the mod team in your cards!
Black Flames Squad🔥

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Black Flames Squad🔥

BLINKS 💓 (Official Taglist)

~please let me know if you'd like to be added to the BP community taglist!~
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Its going to be so much fun 😆