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AWWWW CAN I BE UR FUTURE GIRLFRIEND OPPA PLEASE PLEASE LOVE U OPPA PLEASE STOP KILLING US HAHA JUST LOVE U U WILL DEF HAVE 2 COOK AND WE WILL DEFINITELY DO THE TITANIC SCENE TGTHR HAHS I WISSHHH SOOO BADD LOVE UUU OPPA <3 <3 :) @hebamaher chingu c dis i envy oppa future girlfriend haha she would be soo can't i be dat girl lol oppa is just perfect <3 :)
the most precious one only singing for her
@christy yeah i would love my oppa 2 sing just for me i wishhhh haha i am carzyyy i just love himmm <3 :)
@saharhyunjoong u should he is so cute and innocent. I like him so much but don't worry just as a fan. I loyal to my aein ( love) nice...