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안녕하세요 친구!!

Omo, hello my lovely Melodies and soon to be Melodies.

Currently dying as I'm making my card bc just knowing what week it is, is just down right deadly.

And it's your BTOB mod supporter here 이솔다.
Please remember me in thy good name of fangirling.

Sooooooooooo...........short mini, scenarios with my cutie from Chi Town: Peniel Bae

It's too late to unbias this man right??

-Yeah? okis, I was just asking.

Let's start with this shall we..?!

Scenario 1: Imagine meeting Peniel for a fan meet and instead of asking him to do aegyo, he asks you....would you?

Scenario 2: You got out early from work and decided to cook for Peniel Bae. Can you just picture him enjoying your 3 min Ramen via the microwave?? lmbo
-JK I cook but you know jaja.

Scenario 3: You're on the phone with your bestie and they ask you how's your relationship going with the idol and when will yall break up. Now our lovely Peniel never was fond of them because of the rude comments (bc they jealous you got him and not them) and he over hears you telling them that the break up will never happen bc you're deep in your feels. awwwww
-look at that smug side look/smile

Scenario 4: Surprising him after a concert they had overseas after you just Skype or Kakao with him. Look how happy he is to see you!
-ahhhhhh, too cute

Scenario 5: Lmbo can you imagine catching him mopping away like this???? enough said


Scenario 6: Peniel dropping "subtle" hints that you should adopt a dog.
Smooth bae, smooth.

Scenario 7: Walking in on Peniel while he was filming his POVs.....let's just hope he didn't capture your unflattering after work self on camera.
-What was he doing that he quickly lifted his arm there??


Scenario 8: You're feeling self conscious and state how unattractive you are....while a pouting Peniel will turn around saying "Does my opinion not matter? You're my 9 bc I'm your 1."
Awwwwww, dying.

Scenario 10: Peniel calls you after work and let's you know that his friend will be over. Upon arriving home this is the scene before you....what would Jesus do? lmbo jkjk What would you do?
-I'll most likely have a wth expression and then laugh...who knows.

I hope you enjoyed this little short/mini scenarios featuring BTOB Peniel Bae.


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for scenerio 10 idk what jesus would do. but i know what i would do. go and samwhich myself between those two
lmbo yasss indeed....😍😍😍😍