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Happy Friday!!

Ahh... it has been so long!

(Sorry about that guys LO

But now that I kind of have my life together it is time...

If it is your first time voting, please make sure to read the rules first!


The Rules~:

You guys will comment below on this card what 5 songs were on constant repeat for you this week (from first to fifth place and both the artist and the song title).

The songs also don't have to be newer songs, just your 5 songs that you couldn't stop hitting the repeat button on!

Lastly, this list is only for Kpop songs. If they are songs/covers by a Kpop artist in another language or featuring them, those are also accepted!

You will have all of today and Saturday to vote so make sure you get your votes in before the results are posted on Sunday!

And the restrictions for the week...


*throws lame handful of confett

So vote away~ ;)

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Song Enthusiasts~

B –
E – @ESwee
F –
L –
N –
P –
W – @WolfLune
X –
Z –

(Credit to owners of gifs!)

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Not Today- BTS Don't Recall- K.A.R.D Spring Day- BTS Chocolate Cream- Laysha Boombayah- Black Pink
a year ago·Reply
Not Today: BTS Stay With Me: Chanyeol & Punch We Don't Talk Anymore: Jungkook Arirang: BTS Fly: Got7
a year ago·Reply
BIGBANG - Sober MASC - Tina HELLOVENUS - Venus K.A.R.D - Don't Recall BOYFRIEND - Boyfriend
a year ago·Reply
BTS's Not Today, that song is lit af. I can't stop listening to it.
a year ago·Reply
BTS - Not Today BTS - Spring Day Seventeen - HighLight EXO - Monster EXO - MAMA
a year ago·Reply