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This show seems to be getting better and better with each episode! They never seem to stop making more dramatic things to occur and it just makes it more exciting! *Spoiler Alert* Episode 7 was no exception to that as well, I feel as the characters and the plot is taking it to the next step where we finally reach the climax! Especially with the ending! Have they finally discover that she wasn't at fault of the accident, but that actually her ex-boyfriend? What will Min Hyuk think about that? Not to mention that Min Hyuk has also been acting a little bit weird with her on this episodes, almost as if he was actually nice! What will also happen between Min Hyuk and his fiance? So many questions and the week is taking to long, I want to know what is going to happen already! Episode 7's ending was pretty good; with the start of the fight and then her on the ground baring her scar to the public and then Do Hoon laughing (crazily) to himself while tearing up! Then Min Hyuk gets a call from his assistant about something and then he goes to Yoo Jung and asks her what is she? So what do you think will happen after that crazy ending? Go ahead and leave your thoughts below, thank you for reading my rant. Peace. :)
hey @dana... yeah me too!!
@nylamrehs i love love love is the best drama !!!@christy take a look @yinofyang @cheerfulcallie @neea
and we will get to finally see ji sung and the girl be all romantic...hopefully.. hahah
Yup. I seriously am dying to know if they finally discover the truth! This weeks episodes are going to be CRAZY!
yeah..getting interesting
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