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Sorry guys, I got lazy so I didn't bother with showing you guys what I got recently. So I'm gonna fix that.~
First set of pictures shows that I got a new bookshelf, so there's no longer manga on the floor(for now at least). The manga I've gotten are Naruto 3-in-1 with volumes 1-3, Dimension W volumes 2 and 3, Bleach Datebook Masked, Akame ga Kill volume 9, and Akame ga Kill Zero volumes 1-4, the June issue of Otaku USA, and a Naruto figurine.
Second set of pictures shows my old bookcase, but I'm now using to display my Pop! figures, which I got a new Gudetama and two Dragon Ball Z characters.
P.S: I forgot the Dragon Ball Z characters names, so please forgive me.
P.P.S: If I repeated a manga volume that's already been mentioned before, please forgive me on that note too.
if I was in their shoes I would have forgotten too
@ProphecyChild1 maybe they haven't watched dragon ball in a long time and forgot the names
that is a cute gudetama on the shelf
@SimplyAwkward Well thank you.
That's baby Gohan and Krillin.
@tylervann48 Thank you for telling me.
You have them yet don't know there names how is that 🤔?
@ProphecyChild1 Yeah I'm sorry, haven't watched it in a while. -_-'