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You don’t consider yourself anyone’s ideal type, at least not from what you’ve read in all the interviews they do with the KPOP Idols. You aren’t lonely; you have plenty of guy friends, probably because you aren’t their type. They are all definitely YOUR type but that doesn’t make a difference.
How do you know? Because you’re the “NOT” girl. Not sure how you were ever blessed with that nickname but most times it would be nice if it would go away.
You are “not” the girlfriend, “not” the confidant, “not” the best friend, “not” an employee, “not” the prettiest in the room, but “not” the ugliest either. What you ARE is an available ear when someone needs to complain, a companion for those wanting isolation but to not be alone, you’re the person many can trust with just being themselves.
How did it even start? On the bus ride home you have all the time to think about it. It’s a long ride from the house that JYJ had rented for the week.
-6 months earlier-
It was an actual smog free, beautiful day. Treena wanted you to accompany her to the CJeS building where she had her final round of interviews. As a freelance writer, you can work anywhere; therefore, when they offered their small patio for you to wait, it was a pleasure.
While researching the history of Korean Cuisine, you aren’t paying any attention to the noise of someone coming out onto the patio, until he sat down across from you.
“May I sit here?” he asked in Korean.
At his voice you glance up and blink rapidly making sure you’re really seeing Kim Jaejoong across from you.
“American?” he asks in stilted English.
You nod, “I’m just waiting for someone; I’m sure you can sit wherever you’d like.”
He smiled and raised his drink, “Then I choose here, I like the view.”
You turn away from your computer to glance at all the other buildings crowding the street, then turn your gaze upwards where a glimpse of the mountain and blue sky is indeed a beautiful sight.
“Yes, South Korea is a beautiful country and it’s a gorgeous day.”
You remember him looking at you curiously, smiling and then nodding his head, “That too. You are a student? A friend is auditioning? Why aren’t you?”
You laughed. It was seriously the funniest thing you’d ever heard. You’d had dreams but little self confidence and other people had made you choose writing.
Covering you mouth you smile, “I’m a freelance writer; just taking advantage of the weather while I wait for my friend. She’s on her last round of auditions.”
“She must be good. It will be good to get new blood in here, but it’s still a shame.”
“What is? Do you know something about the auditions or the company? Should I be worried?”
He shook his head and waved his hand, “No, no. Sorry maybe my English not good. I’m glad for your friend, is a good company.” He smiles, “We’re still here”. He had laughed at his own joke, a nice laugh you had thought. “What are you writing about? Anything I can help with?”
“I’m still in the research stage, but I’m sure as a Korean, you would definitely have a valuable opinion on the wonders of Korean Cuisine.”
He nods, “Yes, I even cook it.” He had laughed again, “Not well but well enough I don’t eat out every night and am still alive. What does this research include?”
“Recipes, restaurants, folk lore; the interesting stuff. I’ll be researching for probably a month before I actually start writing anything.”
“Sort of like writing a song? You must wait to see if lyrics or melody comes first, than you listen intently to see what comes next, mix it around, play around with it for awhile before you feel like you can share it with anyone else.”
You tilted your head, “Yeah. Pretty much. I’ll be gathering recipes, testing them, eating out on recommendations, you get the idea.”
“Sounds like it costs you before you make any money, is it a job that affords you a living?”
“I write small articles that get published while researching the big ones. I get by.”
“Then you must let me help you.”
You had looked up at him in shock, “Really? Why would you do that? I’m a stranger to you. I didn’t think Korean’s liked strangers, especially Americans.”
He holds his hand out across the table. “Hello, I’m Kim Jae Joong, leader of the group JYJ, actor, and soloist. You are?”
“(YN), just a freelance writer enjoying a foreign land.”
“There, now we are no longer strangers.”
His smile had dazzled you, you had to shake your head when he spoke again. “Do you have a business card I may have?”
He had taken a card out of his wallet, written something on the back and passed it over to you, taking yours in exchange. He stood and bowed, “It was a pleasure.”
Tapping your card he had smiled, “I hope to hear from you soon.”

OMO! He's so cute! Will I be brave enough to call him?! I need to know! Okay, I'm calm now. ...maybe.
Mmmmm Kim Jae Joong... I go crossed eyed looking at him. I love his eyes, I could just fall into them. I'm excited, I can't wait to read the next one... onward I go
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@GriseldaZenger thank you for writing them. they are fun and well done.
Tag me, please! 😆
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