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They say a kiss by a mermaid, can lead you with no memory of her and after this Kiss, this saying proved every word of it.

This Drama has so much fun that you couldn't control your laugh, the funniest part I remember was when they were discussing to give a name to Jun ji-hyun which was so funny.
She is an ace, I loved her. With such a beauty she surely nailed the character. A mermaid with a beauty and the skills to flush anyone's memory just by a touch and a kiss.

Question: Will he be able to recall her ever?

Answer: They were destined to become one so whatever will happen, they cannot live apart and so the series goes with a lot of interesting characters between them.

For the fans : I'm damn sure you guys will love this K-Drama.
Lee Minho has again made me fall in love with himself.
His charm has no words tbh.