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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 6 18+
A/N: This story is on Wattpad too, you can find it under RJ_1996 :) Comment below and tell what you like about the story. Which character is your fav

The car stops somewhere for a while, Jason gets out and helps Taehyung and Ali to get off and sit in the front of the truck. Awkwardly, Ali sits between them. Taehyung asks Jason to bring some Shōchū after he drops them off at the country house.
"Really? You are going to get drunk? Getting wasted is your best option?" Ali asks as they get back on the road. 
"Stay in you place" he snaps
"Stay in your place" Ali mocks his voice.
"Great, mock me again and I'll give you away this time. The car stops at huge a house as Ali tries to look outside. The house is isolated but not exactly like a country house would be since it has some stores and a market near it. She notices the signs, they are not in Korean.
"Better than staying with you." she says, still trying to look around from the truck.
"Great, I am gonna get off. Jason, take her home." Taehyung says getting off and closing the door before Ali could get out.
"Finally," Ali mumbles with a smile on her face, not realizing what Taehyung meant when he told Jason "to take her home."
"Jason, will have some tonight!" Taehyung yells as he walks towards the house smirking. Soon after hearing that Ali realizes what he meant, she tries to get out but Jason grabs her wrist.
"Wow, after all of this struggle, he left you for me?" He pulls her near him.
"What the hell? Why do I keep finding perverts?" She yells pushing him off but fails.
"You didn't want to go with him so that means you chose me."
I chose to go home! To my sister! Jason tries to get near her, touching her arm and then her face.
"I am not a freaking object. You don't own me." Ali yells kicking him in the groin and gets off the truck running towards the house. She stops right in front of the main door.
Should I? If I don't know where I am.
Suddenly, the door opens and Taehyung pulls her inside, he goes back out gesturing Jason to go.
"So, you didn't want to go with him?" He says narrowing his eyes at her.
"Am I really that hard to understand? I said I want to go home, to my sister!! Taehyung's eyes widen as if he understood what she was saying about going home.
"Look I don't want you either okay. So, shut it and sit down on that couch before I get aggressive." He snaps.
Taehyung makes sure that he locked the doors and goes to the bathroom. Ali sits quietly on the couch, she looks around the house, it is quite empty looking with only the necessary furniture.
She tries to remember the signs she saw on the shops on the way here and outside the house.
They were in Japanese....it can't be...
She goes into the kitchen to look for food but she only finds water and orange juice. She checks the cabinets but only finds empty plates. She runs and sits back on the couch as soon as she hears the bathroom door open. Taehyung looks at her with an amused expression, knowing she was in the kitchen.
"Want to eat something?"
"Why are you suddenly interested in me? Why do you care? She says glaring at him.
"Because there's extra dog food just in case you get hungry" he says as a matter of factly.
"Wow. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it." She mumbles
"Have you been to Japan?"
"ARE WE IN JAPAN?" she screams making him jump.
"Uhhh yeah. I though you knew by the way you were looking outside."
"Yeah I did but.....WTF! You brought me all the way to Japan?? Are you nuts? And....no, I haven't"
"You want to walk outside? maybe we can find a convenience store or a food stall to eat something." He says ignoring her previous comments.
"Walk with you?"
"Yeah, you know dogs need to go on walks too."
"Oh wow, just get me a leash and bone already"
"I got the leash and the bone I have is quite big." He says winking at her and laughs as her face turns red from his comment.
He opens the door getting out first as Ali follows behind. As they walk down the road, Ali tries to take a note of the buildings and everything around her. Her eyes fall upon him, his hair is messy but he doesn't seem to care. He looks up at the sky breathing in and smiling like a little boy on a school trip. This is the first time he is smiling genuinely. Her heart sinks as she realizes that she has been staring to long. He turns around and catches her, his smiles even wider. Ali's heart beats faster as she she sees his bright smile.
He has a rectangular smile. Cute. Why am I like this? I just met him!! And he kidnapped me! Why are you like this Ali! Get a hold of yourself!
"You see I love it here. I am sure you will too. So much that you would want to live here with me. Although, you are already mine." he says bringing Ali out of her thoughts. 
"Again, I am not yours."
"Haha, you are"
"No, I am not!"
"You are~~" he jumps in front of her, walking backwards.
"I said no and that's final, now move." Ali pushes him out of the way and walks faster trying to hide her red face.
"Okay then, I wouldn't want to date a dog anyway." He says running behind her.
"You want to date me? Even if I am a dog I am the cutest dog you have ever seen." She says, flashing a smile at him.
"I don't want to date you, I want to marry you." He whispers
"What was that?"
"I said, you are the ugliest dog I have come across." He says in a loud voice trying to cover his previous comment.
"I am not ugly!"
"To me, you are and I love ugly dogs." He says turning around flashing that rectangular smile of his again. He realizes how close he is standing in front of her. She looks up at him, narrowing to show her anger. His expression changes as he looks at her. He notices her curly hair, her beautiful eyes, and her lips.
"Why do you stir me up like this....." he whispers'. She looks at him confused. He notices her cheeks turning slightly red. She is blushing. He doesn't think anymore, he lets his body react and leans down kissing her. Slightly, shocked at first Ali gasps but after a few moments she closes her eyes and responds to the kiss. He pulls back looking at her, she opens her eyes and looks at him once again.
"You taste...different." He says and turns around and starts walking faster to get into a store. Ali stands there speechless trying to understand what happened. He kissed her, and instead of pulling away she kissed him back. She looks at Taehyung he is standing next to the convivence store's door holding it open for her.
"You want to eat here or at the house?" he says walking behind her trying to break the awkward mood between them.
"Doesn't matter" Ali replies looking around.
"At the house, it is! You know it would be quite and we can eat as much as we want..." he tries to make a joke.
"Chicken, we are eating chicken." Ali looks at him with bored eyes, Taehyung smirks at her. They walk around a little and find fried chicken. The smell makes Ali and Taehyung's stomach grumble. They look at each other trying to hide their laugh as Taehyung picks two big boxes of fried chicken and some alcoholic beverages.
Raejin wakes up and reaches for her phone from the side table, turning it on to look at the time. It's 11:00 PM. She turns around and see Yoongi sleeping next to her, holding her hand. She smiles looking at his peaceful face. She brings her hand to his face, tracing his eyebrows and eyelashes with her fingertips.
"So handsome..." she whispers.
He opens his eyes staring at her blankly as she gasps in surprise, her face turning red. She pulls her hand away but he grabs it, bringing his face near hers. The doorbell rings, Raejin tries to hold back her laugh as Yoongi closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in. He gets out of the bed, storming downstairs and opening the door.
She hears Namjoon and Suzy's voice. They come upstairs too her room as she tries to sit up. Suzy gives her the medicine and then goes downstairs with Namjoon. Yoongi goes back and forth to pack his and Raejin's things, making sure he packed everything for both. He helps Raejin up, she stands she holds his waist as a support. He fixes her hair as they walk downstairs to leave for the flight.
Taehyung tells Ali to go ahead and eat first while he takes a shower. She decides to wait for and wait for him. She counts seconds glancing at the bathroom door and the chicken in front of her. She closes her eyes. After a while, Taehyung gets out of the bathroom and his voice wakes her up.
"Why didn't you eat?"
"Oh.....um..I wanted to wait for you so...you know..." she says.
His eyes widen at her answer. She notices that he is trying to hide his smile as he takes out the plates and the beverages. She walks up to him helping him out. She glances at him and once gain she feels a difference in his demeanor. His expression is softer, his hair is down. The towel is still around his neck. Her eyes linger on to his loose shirt, looking at his chest peeking at her. She looks up and sees Taehyung smirking at her as if he knew. She diverts her gaze to the chicken quickly. She puts one piece on her plate and another on his. Once again, he is surprised by her action. She starts eating, as Taehyung pours himself a glass of Shōchū.
"How old are you?" He asks suddenly. It startles her.
Should I tell him my real age?
No, it would be better if I said I was older he wouldn't think I am vulnerable. I don't want him to think I am too young.
"I am 19!" she lies, she is 17.
"Hmmm, so you want this? You are only a year away." picking up a bottle of beer.
"No, I am not drinking. My sister would kill me." He rolls his eyes at her comment.
"Why do you like alcohol that much?
It helps with many things...."
"Like what?"
"Getting laid, and numbing painful thoughts and memories." He says mumbling the last part. Ali wants to ask him what he means by that but decides not to. She tries to change the subject. 
"How old are you?"
"If I tell you my age, would you give up that innocent looking mouth?" he smirks
"You realize I am a person and not a toy, right?"
"I like toys....." he says in a suggestive tone.
"Didn't take you for a little kid."
"Me too."
"I am not a kid." Ali declares in an offending tone.
"Then drink with me. What about Asahi then?" He says holding a can.
"What is that?"
"No, and that is still alcohol. Why do you want be to get drunk?"
"Alright then, drink water." He gives up
"I like juice, I will get that." She says getting up and walking towards the fridge and taking out the bottle she saw earlier.
"My juice?" he asks smirking at her. She wants to wipe that stupid smirk off of his handsome face.
"Orange juice." She says, emphasizing the word orange.
It's 1:30 AM, Raejin and Suzy sit in the jet as Yoongi and Namjoon walk in. Raejin looks outside the window, it is about to rain. She smiles because she likes rainy weather and the earthly scent it creates, her phone rings, startling her. It is a restricted number, she picks up.
"Let's meet one day beneath the stars. I will hold your hands if you grip my dick"
"Excuse me? Who the fuck are you?" she yells. Everyone looks at her startled.
"I will tell, if you meet me beneath her body."
"You, Crazy bastard..."
"What the fuck?" Yoongi takes the phone from Raejin's hands and yells at the caller, asking who it is. The caller doesn't respond but hangs up. Raejin tells the others what the man said rolling her eyes. They all look at her bewildered.
"Beneath the stars!? Isn't "byul" star the name of the building that Jane and Jin own. But whose body?" Suzy asks.
"Let me call him." Raejin responds.
"NO!" Yoongi yells.
"OMFG! Why are you screaming?" she yells back.
"I....will call" he says in a calm voice. He takes her phone and calls. Jin picks up.
"You need to stop playing games. You have what you wanted, even though Jane handed it to her in the first place. Now tell us where Raejin's sister is?"
"I don't know and even if I did I am not going to give in. If Jane dies because of this. I will make sure to kill you and everyone around you, you understand!!" Jin yells and hangs up.
"WTF? Motherfucker...." Yoongi whispers hanging up. He looks at others and tells them they cannot go to Japan. "
"WHAT!?" Suzy yells, Namjoon tries to calm her down. Raejin looks at him expecting an answer.
"It seems like Jane is in danger, Jin said if she dies...."
"Are you fucking serious right now? You want me to ignore my sister who is possibly in Japan with a Taehyung to go save Jane. Jane who created this mess?
How sure are you she was behind this?
"Excuse me? Are you forgetting why this is happening in the first place?
Yeah, but it might not be her fault...."
"Listen her Min fucking Yoongi I don't care if the whole world burns down. All I want is my sister back! I don't care about anyone else! I don't care who dies!"
"Raejin, seriously?" He grabs her hand so she can let go of his shirt. "Even if she was behind this, Jin and Jane are the only ones that know for sure where Ali is. We are going to Japan because Suzy thinks they might me there but are we sure?" He asks her. Raejin tries to calm down, thinking he might be right. Suzy and Namjoon agree with Yoongi too.
"The way he was talking.......it didn't seem like he had it. Suzy, you gave it to him, right? The gold box."
"Yeah....." before Raejin could finish she sees Suzy taking out the box. "What the hell? You didn't give it to him?" Raejin says. Suzy doesn't respond. Yoongi tells Namjoon to take the box and see if they can open it. Namjoon extends his hand towards Suzy asking her to give it to him.
"No." She refuses.
"Babe....give it" he says. She refuses. 
"I said give it to me Suzy." He insists again firmly.
"It won't open" Suzy simply says. "It...only opens with fingerprints. I made the other one."

This story is on Wattpad too. I update there first usually. You can find it at RJ_1996.
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