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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 7 18+

"I see you are done eating"
"I see you are too." Ali replies. Taehyung gets up leaving his empty bottle of Shōchū and taking a can of beer. He sits on the couch gesturing Ali to sit next to him, she does.
"There is still more I want to eat though." Taehyung says winking at her.
"Yeah that's not happening Tae....I mean Taehyung."
"I like Tae." he smiles, taking a sip from his beer. 
"Now, let me tell you what kind of fuck ups your sister and her "squad" are. 
"Excuse me?"
"If that hoe didn't make a replica. I wouldn't be here with you. The gold box....its the key, a key to where all of money is. And they have it."
"Don't call my sister that. She wouldn't have."
"I know she didn't"
"So your point is......?"
"Let me ask you again. You really don't know what your sister does for a living?"
"No idea, I have asked she says she works at some kind of furniture shop."
"Pfffttt, Yeah right. She does anything Yoongi tells her to do, doesn't she?" Taehyung says looking at her. She thinks for a moment.
Yeah, to a certain extend he is right she does but, not always. She is just so afraid to lose him.
"She doesn't always seem to listen to him."
"Really, is that so?" He replies raising his eyebrow at her.
"Anyways, her hoe of a friend is the same."
"Suzy, the grandma of all this bullshit." He rolled his eyes.
"Why do you always have something bad to say about everyone? You are always so mean and cruel with your words. No wonder you are single."
"Maybe it's the hidden truth from you. And I am not single. Didn't I say you are mine?"
Ali looks away avoiding his last comment.
"All I know is that everything my sister does is to protect me. And no matter how much you claim that I am yours, I would never like a person like you." She snaps. Taehyung's eyes get wide from her comment, he looks away suddenly as to hide his expression.
"She is protecting you from nothing else but the truth. And....I am not here to make a rainbow relationship, kid"
"So why am I here? Kid."
"Call yourself a trade."
"What the hell?"
"After two days, I will never see you again." He says leaving Ali speechless as he walks upstairs, she hears a door close. Taehyung walks inside his bedroom.
I don'y care about her...She is just a trade, that's it!
 He calls Simon. As soon as Simon picks up he starts asking questions about Ali. Taehyung informs him she is good and warns him.
"Kill her, the core of this problem. Kill Jane." He says, hearing footsteps coming closer to his room, he thinks she might be going to another room but she storms right into his. He turns around frustrated and tells her to get out. But no matter how much he tells her she walks closer and his heart sinks seeing her that close to him.
"Can you please explain? Like, why am I a trade? To who?" she says fighting back her tears as her head fills with horrible scenarios that might happen to her.
"OUT!" Taehyung sees her tears and realizes what she might be thinking. 
He continues to tell her to get out. She storms downstairs and lays on the couch, burring her in her hands. Taehyung sighs and follows her downstairs.
"There are like 5 rooms upstairs."
"I am fine here."
"Go to one of the bedrooms its more comfortable."
"I SAID, I AM FINE HERE!" She yells
"Suite yourself, I don't care." He walks back and lays on the bed.
He wakes up after a few hours looking at the clock it's 3 AM. He walks downstairs hoping Ali went inside one if the bedroom. But she didn't, she fell asleep on the couch. He closes his eyes and storms back to his room.
She is so stubborn!
He picks up a pillow and a blanket and goes back down. He carefully places the pillow under her head and the blanket over her. He notices she is mumbling her sister's name in her sleep. He sits next to her couch. Soon after that he falls asleep.

"What do you mean, babe?" Namjoon asks.
"It opens with fingerprints. The original with Taehyung's and the replica with mine, since I made it. Jin has the replica I made. A while ago,Jane had told me to make one. She said she was doing a favor Taehyung asked her to make a replica since some of his men were eyeing on it. I made it since it was a win-win situation. I didn't have a problem with Taehyung then and I got money for it. I never knew Raejin would have it until she told me." Suzy says looking at Raejin. Namjoon nodded. Raejin gives her a knowing smile, assuring her.
With no other choice, they get of the jet. Yoongi calls Rich about the change of plans and informs him to call back up. During the two-hour ride to the building, they plan and make sure that they have weapons, just in case. Yoongi informs that only him and Namjoon will go into the building first. Suzy and Raejin will stay in the car.
 One, so they can see and hear what is happening outside and inside the building so they can send back up on time. 
Two, to avoid putting Raejin in a position where her condition gets worse. 
Raejin calls the back-up team and gives them the address, she makes sure they have enough weapons, she continues to connect her earpiece to theirs for communication. They reach the building, seeing that the others have already arrived.
"It's 6:45 AM, Namjoon and Yoongi are going inside stay alert and wait for the signal."
Yoongi and Namjoon get out of the car and go into the building, putting their earpieces in.
"Why are you so calm, Raejin?" Suzy suddenly asks after Yoongi and Namjoon step out. "I mean your sister is missing, you almost died."
"If I don't stay calm, I will never survive." She says glancing at her watch to keep track of the time and looks at Suzy smiling.
Namjoon and Yoongi enter the building. Namjoon's takes his gun out and gestures Yoongi that he will go downstairs. Yoongi nods and walks upstairs. Namjoon informs Raejin and Suzy where each of them are headed. Slowly, Yoongi walks upstairs, as he gets near he hears noises. He takes his gun out and walks slowly. He sees a shadow of a tall figure.
"Alright, search her. Ah her dead body is sure worthless."

He sees another figure sitting down near the body, it looks like Jin, he suspects. His suspicion is confirmed when he hears his voice asking Jungkook why he did that, he is crying. Yoongi looks at the dead body. It is a woman.
Don't tell me........shit!

Jungkook looks towards his direction and yells his men to aim at the shadow.
"Not so fast, kid" Yoongi says walking into the light. Jungkook laughs. Jin is crying holding the body.

"Don't move, stay in your place." He warns Yoongi.

"Are you here to say bye to Jin? Oh well, it's too late now." He says aiming his gun towards Jin not breaking eye contact Yoongi and fires, Jin's body collapses near Jane's. Jungkook lifts his hand up aiming the gun at Yoongi now. Hearing the fire Namjoon dashes upstairs. As soon as he reached upstairs he shoots of Jungkook's men. The distraction gives Yoongi a chance to shoot too. Meanwhile, Raejin dispatches the back-up team and tells Rich to follow.
She gets out and sits on the driver's seat. Suzy moves to the passenger's seat. They see Jungkook running out the building and getting in his car.
"Follow." Suzy asks looking at Raejin pointing towards him, she nods in agreement. Raejin gets ready to drive, instead of driving off they see Jungkook coming out of his car's window, they see what is in his hand.

"Is that a grenade? Shit! Fuck!" Suzy yells. Raejin changes the gear to reverse as Jungkook throws the grenade towards them and drives off. Suzy screams at Raejin looks back and step on gas, reversing the car in full speed, away from the grenade. She hears the explosion, as tries to reverses as far as possible, they slam into a pole.

"OMFG! OUCH!" Suzy yells opening her eyes, a sharp pain travels on the back of her neck, she still sighs in relief. She looks at Raejin who has her hands on steering wheel, her eyes closed trying to breath in and out to calm herself. Raejin looks at Suzy.

"FUCK! I love shit like this!" She laughs. 

This story is on Wattpad too. I update there first usually. You can find it at RJ_1996.
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