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Que tal peeps

6 months later..

Deep waters that were once cold and jagged like used razors.
Slicing slowly as my humanity
Are now warming up by his touch.
This beautiful lifeguard flung himself into the ocean just when I was drowning.
Save me...
Now he's teaching me how to swim.

As Yoongi is reading his lyrics to me we hear some moaning noises from Namjoon's bedroom. Yoongi rolled his eyes.
"He's been bringing bitches in and out of here. I'm sorry. It's been brining down my songs. My lyrics suck." Yoongi said.

"Baby you are awesome. You are the man of swag! You just need some motivation." I said.

Yoongi grinned and pounced on me. "Motivate me."
He pressed his lips against mine and we begin deeply kissing. It felt so good to be touched again. He pulled off my shirt and unclipped my bra. He smashed both my breasts together and began sucking on my nipples. The loud sucking noises was such a turn on. I could feel my waters flowing.

Yoongi then pulled off my pants and my panties. He was moving at lighting speed like a hungry shark. I tried closing my legs and he pushed them open.

"I bet there are cobwebs down there." I said.

Yoongi began blowing on my womanhood. His breath made me shiver.

"What are you doing?" I said.

"Blowing away the cobwebs." He grinned and then dived in.

Yoongi began sucking on my nub. I threw my head back. Then he began licking me from bottom to top while stopping and sucking on my nub. I could feel myself gushing. I thought he would let me hit my high but he stopped.

He grinned and then pulled away his pants and boxers. He pulled my legs back and slid into my water cave. He started out slow and then picked up speed. I was moaning his name so loudly. Yoongi was grunting and talking dirty in my ear.

Suddenly I climbed on top of him. I began riding him like a wave. We were in perfect rhythm as the bed squeaked loudly. I was grinding so hard until we both washed up on the shore. Yoongi screamed out fuck yes as I collapsed onto of him.

Dive in with no regrets
Head first and the rest will follow.....

As we snuggled Yoongi randomly got up.

"Ah I know what to write! Thanks baby." Yoongi kissed me and reached for his note pad.

I really want her to stay with Yoongi. Yoongi treats her better than Namjoon. 😁😁❀
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this is just part of 3. I made the whole part 3 and stupid Vingle deleted my ish!
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